Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Going hiking in Vegas? Bring money!

Man, we are enjoying some fantastic weather here in Las Vegas!  Here's a picture I took Sunday out at Lake Mead.

Beautiful, huh?

I'll never forget the first time I brought my brother, Steven, and brother-in-law, Russ, out to the lake.  We parked in the lot near the trail head, and before we locked the car I asked, "Do you guys have money on you?"

They gave me quizzical look. "Money?"

"You need money to hike in Las Vegas," I deadpanned. 

They shrugged, put some cash in their pockets and we got on the path to the Railroad Tunnel trail.  We walked along for a while, enjoying the scenery, and when we reached another path leading up a hill, I said, "Let's go this way."

Of course they followed me--hey, I'm the local--and soon they learned why I suggested they bring money.  Because what do you think was at the top of the hill?  Huh?  Remember now, we're in Vegas.  Yup...

Gotta love it!
Here's one of me on the trail leading up to the Hacienda Casino on Sunday.  (My legs look weird in this picture, but they're not in real life.)

You know what else you gotta love?  Wearing a cute little skirt and tank top on freaking December 12!  God bless us, Las Vegas is a wonderful place!  I am so in denial that in a mere week, I'll be freezing my ass off in upstate New York.  And I'll be there for two and a half weeks--yikes!  Good thing I'll have these two to warm my heart.

That kid's love for his little sister blows me away.  Feeling very lucky these days...


raydenzel1 said...

We have a wind chill of 27 this morning in warm sunny Florida! send me some of that Vegas warmth.

Mimi said...

Great trail, and yay for being able to wear a short skirt anytime, but esp in December. No way would you get away with that here, it's cold, cold, cold.
Those kids will be lovely to be around at Christmas, lots of cuddles to be had!

Anonymous said...

That really is a beautiful little hike behind the Hacienda! I've done it several times myself. Boulder City...if you get a chance, hop on the Christmas train!

Anonymous said...

"Feeling" lucky? You ARE lucky!