Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday odds and ends

Random stuff for today... no real theme.

First, Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish friends. 

(Okay, not the best image.)

As you know, I'm a big fan of the Jews.  Big fan.  And evidently, so is my mother.  Yesterday I saw a comment Mom made on Facebook in response to my quirky lesbian aunt Joyce's post announcing she bought a new car--it said "Mazel Tov!"  Well, at least I know where I get my wanna-be-Jewness from.

You know who I bet doesn't love Jews?  Walt Kowalski.  That's Clint Eastwood's racist character in the 2008 movie, Gran Torino.  Mike and I watched that Tuesday night, and I can't believe how much I dug that film.  We were more than just a little surprised at how funny it was.  You kind of feel bad for laughing (especially at this one racist as hell "Three guys walk into a bar" joke), but Walt's character is so well developed that you can see what a good man he actually is.  Really, I was blown away by this movie.  I have a hard time watching violence--and I did have to hide my eyes at one point--but man, this is a gem.  I highly recommend it, but if you're like super politically correct (then what the eff are you doing here?) you might find it offensive.

Next, here's a beauty tip:  Want a lip color that lasts forever and doesn't make a friggin' mess of your coffee cup, boyfriend, or whatever else you've got your lips all over that's totally not my business?  Try Revlon ColorStay Ultimate liquid lipstick.  You know me--I don't get the mail without putting lipstick on first. This is a great product.

What else...

Oh, yesterday I heard from a woman whose resume I did.  She said Tuesday night she responded to some postings on, and on Wednesday she was already in salary negotiations with a potential employer.  You know I'm full of myself, but I do know how to create a kick-ass resume.  Email me at if you want me to work my magic on yours.

And finally, don't forget I'm doing a set tonight at 8:00 at Choices Pub, 6720 W Cheyenne here in Las Vegas.  Stop by if your parents let you go out on a school night.  I'm going to be trying out some new material--hopefully it won't suck.  Fingers crossed.


Mimi said...

Fingers crossed for you, Linda.
If I was closer, and not snowed-in, I'd go!

Lori Biker said...

Picture this. A cross country trip with two women wearing this never fade lipstick, complimenting eachother's lips mile after mile, hour after hour. Oh yeah, you were there!
Have a blast tonight! I can't wait to hear all about it!

I Hate to Weight said...

i used to say i didn't like Clint Eastwood movies, "dirty harry", et al. then i started watching his post dirty-harry movies and he's magnificent. i'm blown away by his work as a director, actor, musical score writer....

Gran Torino was outstanding and moving and so thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

In agreement about the flick- loved it.

I'll mention the lipstick to wifey and hopefully avoid future boxer stains.


New Zealand Laurie said...

Lipstick! Yes..totally love AND wear Revlon ColorStay Lipstick. Long story short...I had just started my new job as a flight attendant (at age 52!!! Don't mean to brag...) and had just purchased 3 of those lipsticks. The next day we had a major earthquake and lost just about everything. About a week after the quake I was determined to find those lipsticks amid the rubble. So...I put on my gardern gloves to dig through the rubble and a bicycle helmet to protect against aftershocks. I was in a "don't mess with me you friggin' quake! I'm gonna get my lipsticks" mood! Yep..found them and love them. Lipstick you'd risk your life for. ;-)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Laurie, that is too funny, but I can totally understand. You have to have your priorities in life! So glad you're safe and sound, and hooray for Air New Zealand for hiring such a babe!