Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The path of least resistance

Two weeks from today I head back to Albany for the holidays. Of course, I can't wait to see my kids and precious grandchildren (is there any other kind?), but man, I hate to even think about leaving the pleasant Vegas weather we've been having.  It's been way up in the 60s lately--I'll take it!

Hey (this is boring), I've lost about 5 lbs. in the four weeks since I've been back in Las Vegas.  God knows I don't have the willpower to diet or give up dark beer, but right now my life is structured in a way that's conducive to losing weight.  Mike and I both work at home, and every day at "lunch" (which is 9 a.m. since I follow East Coast time), we take at least a three-mile walk.  Would I walk by myself if he weren't around?  Hell, no.  But because we both structure our day to allow for that walk, we do it together and it's actually fun.

It also helps is that I'm not eating out as much. Over the summer at my job in Albany and when I worked in my old job here, more often than not I'd have lunch with co-workers in a restaurant or pizza place.  Big portions, lots of calories, right?  Now I'll have some cereal in the morning (how I love Trader Joe's Organic Morning Light!), a little snack around noon, and usually I make an early dinner around 4:00.  I think that's better than eating a heavy meal later at night.  
Okay, that was boring shit, but here's the part you should pay attention to:  your ability to achieve your goals depends a great deal on how your life is structured.  I really believe that.  Energy follows the path of least resistance, right?  So when you set up your schedule or structure conditions in your life in a way that facilitates the attainment of your goals, you're just about guaranteed to realize them.

As I write this, I'm wondering how the hell I'm going to prevent gaining every friggin' ounce back during the two-and-a-half weeks I'm in Albany.  My structure is going to be way different--it'll be too cold to walk and I'll be back having lunch with my work buds in the office-- and all the holiday social gatherings are going to be full of temptation.  I gotta figure this out.  I might just have to start again after the new year.

Yep, a new year is approaching, and I have a million things I want to achieve.  You, too?  Structure is going to be really important.


Anonymous said...

I am NOT structure oriented. If I schedule anything, there's always a myriad of reasons why it can't be done...now, later, tomorrow.

This past year would be considered a good one by most people. I need convincing.

By the beginning of 2011, if I don't have my manuscript finally well tuned, I'll have to find a bad habit to put on my resolution list. Maybe I can be structured with that!

Cheryllyn said...

Thanks, Linda! This is exactly what I needed to hear at this time of year. I agree that structure is important. Any ideas how to start becoming structured if I'm not a structured/organized person?

I Hate to Weight said...

you should write a book about how you've re-structured your life (i've probably told you this before.) it's really helpful to me to see how change can happen.

i love "hope"

gayle said...

I love structure but lately I haven't been very good at it. I need to get on a diet and workout program. I need to structure the time I'm my computer too. I need ideas!

Enjoy your time with your family!