Tuesday, June 7, 2011

People in service jobs should not greet customers like they just had a throw-up burp

A couple of Saturdays ago my Purgefest 2011 mode merged with my questioning of all the spiritual shit I've been feeding myself for the past 20 years and I decided to get rid of four boxes of books.   They weren't all spiritual books; some were just books I bought or somehow ended up with but will never realistically open again. 

Earlier in the week I called a used bookstore to see if they're currently buying books.  The woman on the phone said they were and explained that they give store credit toward future purchases.  I figured that was pretty standard and would be better than nothing, so I loaded up my cute little Scion and schlepped the books to their store.

What a mistake.  Have you ever walked into a place only to be greeted by someone who looks like they just had a throw-up burp?  Well, there were two of them and one was more miserable than the other.   Younger Bitch was rolling her eyes and sighing heavily as I put the boxes on the counter.

"I called earlier this week," I told her.

"I didn't know you had four boxes," Younger Bitch snapped.

"Well, you didn't fucking ask me," I should have said but just stood there like an idiot.

Older Bitch looked over my books as if they were covered in shit.  "Just a lot of junk here," she said to Younger Bitch.

They ended up taking one box, for which I got $30 in store credit to use toward half the purchase price of anything in the store.  Half.  That means I'd have to fork over some of my own money in order to use my credit and by the time I was through dealing with them there was no way they were gonna get a cent out of me.  I told them I'd be back some other time (see you next Tuesday) and took the three remaining boxes to Goodwill, which is where they all should have gone in the first place. 

I'm not kidding, this was the worst customer service experience I've had in... maybe forever.  I usually try to give people the benefit of the doubt; you never know why others act the way they do.  Maybe they were both miserable for a reason, like maybe they're related and a family member or close friend has a terminal illness or got in a horrible accident.  In my heart I don't believe this is the case; I think they're bitchy simply because they've been able to get away with it.  Assholes like me take it from them, so they continue to give it.

Well, guess what.  This asshole is going back.  Yep, I'm gonna cash in on a little bit of my credit line, and if they're bitchy to me again, I'm gonna find out what bug flew up their ass.  And if they're polite and courteous, I'll ask why their customer service sucked so loud the last time I was in. 

Stay tuned.  I'm on a mission.  In the meantime, be nice.  I'll try as well.


I Hate to Weight said...

please let us know what happens. i can't wait to hear. i never know what to do with horrible customer service. lately (knock wood) people have been very nice to me. and i'm so grateful. when people are mean to me in stores (well, everywhere) i tend to tear up, like a idiot.

Sous-Chef said...

Did you interrupt a lover’s quarrel? I find the behavior of the employees (if one was the owner it’s even worse) really surprising. These days most independent businesses are so grateful to have folks just enter their business. Granted you were selling, but still what a way to make a lasting (wrong) impression.

Check online and see if the business has any reviews, perhaps you’ll want to leave one yourself. Their policy on how to use “store credit” is off the charts bad…credit is credit and you should be able to use it in any manner you choose, not for 50% of the bill.

Tara said...

Can you wait till next month so I can go with you and video the experience? We could probably provide some serious entertainment... lol

Mimi said...

He, he, I enjoyed this verrrry much, and can't wait for the next instalment.
I cannot stand bad customer service, from either side of the counter, and I have stood on both sides.
I recently walked out of a coffee shop after the girl serving ignored me to make a "jogging date" with her friend. As I reached the door, she began to ahng up, so I said "too late, if your phone call is more important than my business, forget it".
Yes, that felt good!

Debbie said...

My dear old mom would question the asshole in question ..."do you have a headache? Are you not feeling well? Cause I when I have a headache I'm a real bitch too."
thank you.

Go back to the store. But before you do, go to a sex shop and buy two dildos. When you get to the book store, hand them over and say ..."here. use these. you might come and then you'd feel a whoooooooole lot better."


Gringa-n-Mexico said...

She actually said "junk" (??) .....Bitch! I'm glad you'll go back and get your $$'s worth though and I sort of hope they're trampy again just to see what you'll do ;D On the other hand I REALLY hope they'll just be nice to you :) XOXOXO :)

Cheryllyn said...

Ha! I know a bookstore here that has a mother/daughter team and they HATE each other but neither will leave. I'm sorry if that's the store you went to....if it is, the customer service won't be that much better when you go back. But definitely get your money's worth and keep track so you don't go over and have to shell out anything. :) Good luck!

K A B L O O E Y said...

One woman could have been having a bad day, but both? Yikes. Use your credit and then give 'em hell. (Weird thing is that private bookstore employees are usually so cool.)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Cheryllyn, I'll bet you anything they were mother and daughter. I thought that when I was in there. I have zero hope that the customer service will be any better next time.

I agree, Kablooey dear. You'd think people in the private bookstores would be cool.

Tara, we have other trouble to get into while you're here!

Tara said...

Other trouble?? Well that's freaking awesome!!! Can't wait! xoxo :)

Tender Heart Bear said...

If it is the same let them have it. Then call the better business bureau on them too. I can't wait to see what happens when you go back there. Please let us know.

Anonymous said...

They're always snotty like that at Buffalo Exchange. Always take home the items they passed over & don't ever take their word for it that the discarded clothing will be donated to charity. A LOT of people have gone back to see their discarded for charity goods selling on the hangers in Buffalo Exchange, so take it to Goodwill yourself or any other charity bin. (Why WOULD they spend the money, time & resources & gas for their employees to pack up all the discarded stuff & haul it to charity?)
Another tip if you are selling clothing, cd's, records or books: Limit the amount of items you bring in to sell to 2-3 so you don't get low-balled $ for the entire lot.

Revenge ideas: My sister once had a snooty saleswoman tell her she didn't have anything in her size. My sister replied she was shopping for her sister & had that saleswoman on her knees digging through boxes, removing items from displays, searching in the back room & climbing ladders...only to re-stock the huge pile of goods my sister abruptly left behind changing her mind 1 1/2 hours later - HA HA!

Gianetta said...

I used to be in customer service and maybe they did just verp. I ate bad Mexican one day and the customer at the counter wouldn't shut up enough for me to excuse myself. I finally had to run to the back and projectile vomit for the next 15 minutes. When I came back to the front the supervisor wondered why a customer was complaining about the rude service she had just received. I guess she couldn't tell from the look on my face or the puke that had splashed all over my pants legs...gotta love the post office!