Thursday, August 25, 2011

What were you in a previous life?

There’s a question for you. The topic came up the other night as Mike and I were working on the house. He’s convinced he’s had a previous life in the Excalibur era. (How else would you explain all the swords and shields?) As for me, this is what I wrote in my book:
I’d been drawn to the West my whole life; as a kid my imaginary friends were cowboys and sheriffs. I often told people, proudly and with absolute certainty, that in a former life I was a saloon girl. It made total sense, given my childhood obsession with Bonanza and my comfort level as an adult in the tavern environment. Not to mention my passion for lipstick. Then a couple of years ago someone took me aside and told me, to my surprise, that those women were prostitutes. Although I remain quite certain of that past life, I now keep the admission to myself.
It sounds weird, but I really do believe I've lived before in the Wild West. When I arrived in Wyoming ten years ago, I had a definitely sense of being home.  Oh, Wyoming--I will visit you again someday, I swear.  I also wouldn’t be surprised if I were a Salem witch. Just a feeling; that probably ties in somehow with my fear of organized religion.

Ever wonder about those people who participate in Renaissance fairs (something Mike used to do) (!) and Civil War re-enactments?  I’ll be honest with you—I’ve always thought those folks are a bit… different. But maybe people who are comfortable in another era aren’t really oddballs; maybe they feel that way because of a familiarity with a past life. Dressing up in those clothes, speaking that way, and reliving battles… maybe it’s all stuff they’ve done before.

What do you think? Do you feel you’ve experienced past lives? What were you before you were you?


Gianetta said...

I don't think I was a middle-aged fat woman.

Roy Durham said...

Wyoming is just the other side of the mountain from here, and some where in the past may be i was a cowboy chasing cows across the plans and dance with a saloon gal. somehow i am lost in time and lived in many.

Sous-Chef said...

I've been told I was a nun in several of my past lives. I'm not so sure I buy that, but it might explain a few things ;-) I was also told that I was a Viking explorer named Urger this I am convinced of despite my total lack of direction in new enviroments. I just love a good road trip.

Debbie said...

Linda, love this post and it is right up my alley. I believe that I have lived before. I am always drawn to the Gilded Age. The time of the robber barons and uber wealthy: The Vanderbilts, Astors, etc. Now I'm not saying I was one of them, maybe I was a worker, I don't know, but that time fascinates me. Also anything Egyptian. The Renaissance, another favorite period I love - Venice in the 1500's. I have read MILLIONS of books on each era and am drawn to these periods in history. I can absolutely see you as being a saloon girl! you're bawdy, funny, love your beer and at least from what I get from your blog, you love life and are a very happy person. So there you go. I've lived before ... certain of it.


Will be at Caesars on Friday Sept. 23!!!!! WE HAVE TO HAVE A DRINKIE POO AND A LONG, LONG CHAT!

Mike Dennis said...

I believe people with irrational fears of spiders or snakes or high places were killed in that fashion in a previous life. Maybe they were an insect eons ago, trapped in a web and eaten by the spider. I can't think of a worse way to die. That will stay with you. Same thing for snakes and high places.

How else to explain the fact that other people wear snakes around their necks and walk tightropes between skyscrapers?

I have an irrational fear of being in water over my head, so I think I probably drowned in a former life. Not a pretty way to go, so I'm still afraid of it.

Courtney said...

I think we have always been together in our previous lives! yay!

As far as Civil War re-enactors...COO COO! People wanting to re live a war is beyond me.

raydenzel1 said...

Two things come to mind. The era of Sherlock Homes/ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and being an Indian living with nature before the entry of the white man.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you with certainty that past lives are very real. I was no more than 4 yrs old when I would awake from a reoccurring nightmare where I drowned. Later in life as I became older and could understand I found that those reoccurring dreams or nightmares were memories and premonitions.

People who are in-tune with the Universe just know they have lived that before, that's all deja-vu is. I believe that the reason someone is so drawn to a specific era or time is because it was their prior life to this one. It is the most fresh in your soul's makings.

Now if you had chosen a career at the bunny or chicken ranch I would be convinced you were a "saloon" girl in a prior life. Comedian is close but, it's a bit more upscale... like say Pimping. LOL