Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny story from last night

If you're my Facebook friend you've already seen this, but I want to share it here as well so everyone gets to see what a total a-hole I am.

Last night at the G-Spot Comedy Show, my friend Lynn and I were not just the only white comics on the bill, but the only white people in whole the room.  Lynn was the first comic up and she killed until she made a reference to The Bible, when everyone got silent.  Gaynelle, the host of the show, jokingly called out, "Lynn, these are all black folk here--you can't be messing with The Bible!"  Everyone had a laugh and Lynn continued to deliver a hilarious set.

I was up next.  I took the stage and deadpanned, "Wow, I've never performed for a room full of black people.  Um, let's see... OK," and then continued with, "Jesus, Malcolm X, and Sammy Davis, Jr. walk into a bar..."

Fortunately, everyone cracked up.  Good thing, or I'd be posting this from my hospital room.


raydenzel1 said...

Being gutsy is part of comedy, yes?
good job.

Lori Biker said...

This post reminded me of the time we were the only white people in that church in the South End of Albany. "Do we have any visitors her today?" We just sat there looking around like we had been sitting there every week! Too funny! That was the first church we went to where they had a full blown drum set!