Saturday, September 3, 2011

Quick trip to Zion and Bryce

Earlier this week, my boy Connor and I took a quick little trip up to Utah to check out some national parks.  If you've read my book, or even the excerpt "A Glimpse of Life in Utah," you know that BH and I briefly lived in Cedar City--an experience that I, um, don't ever need to have again.  But Utah is a beautiful state and the one good thing about living there was that the hiking was incredible.  How lucky we were to have two national parks within just a short distance.

Anyway, Mike's kids started school last Monday, so I took a couple of days off from work for some Granny-Connor bonding time and thought, hey, let's do a road trip to Zion and Byrce Canyon. 

Usually when I visit Zion, I stay at the Desert Pearl Inn, which I wholeheartedly recommend.  This time, though, their rates were a little more pricey than what I felt like spending ($142/night) so I thought, what the hell, let's try a new place.  The Majestic View Lodge caught my eye online, and for $129 we got two beds and a balcony with a view.

The decor was rustic and actually looked like the pictures they posted online.

I can recommend this lodge as well.  It was spotless and they double-sheet the beds, which is always a major plus in my opinion.  (If hotels did that more often and advertised it on their marquee, they'd always get my business, and God knows I do sleep around.)

The only thing a little on the different side was the toilet.  This video doesn't do it justice.

Connor warned me about the loud flush, and I totally thought he was exaggerating.  But then when I flushed it myself, it scared the crap out of me, even after having been warned.  But that's no big deal, and the fact that they have a brew pub on site more than makes up for it, if you know what I mean. 

Speaking of scaring the crap out of us, not too long after we exited the tunnel in Zion National Park, something pummelled our car.  You know how in a split second a million thoughts go through your head?  Well I thought, oh great, now I have to buy a new windshield.  Connor and I thought we got hit by a giant glob of bird shit. I immediately put on the windshield wipers and it was gone in one swipe.  We couldn't believe how much noise it made!  But upon closer inspection, it looks like the hood of my car was hit by a flying red rock, which left a good sized dent.  I don't know what the hell hit my windshield--maybe a piece of the rock?  At any rate, it's a good thing I wasn't going a nanosecond faster or it would have hit the windshield right where Connor was sitting.  Yikes.

Here's a pic of Connor just before all the drama.

Zion is beautiful, though.  Since we were pressed for time, we decided to just do a drive-through and then headed up to Bryce, where we did a gorgeous hike on the Navajo Loop.

Isn't my boy getting big?  I'd say he's getting so old looking, but if he ever told me that, I'd kick his ass.

Bryce is positively stunning.  If you've never been, you simply must.  You must!

We took the route home through Cedar City and I showed Connor the house where BH and I used to live.  Connor doesn't remember BH, but he had a lot of questions.  I just said, "He was a character, Connor.  He was a character."

Our old 'hood.  I could sit on my couch and look out at the red rocks.

Cedar City is a beautiful little town, but man, there's a weird energy there that creeps me out.

Connor's an excellent traveler and I love every minute I spend with that kid.  We had a ball together driving along listening to Weird Al's parodies (insert weak but loving smile) and watching Family Guy episodes on my iPhone.  I've talked before about the importance of travel and how a trip not only gives you lasting memories, but a wonderful opportunity to bond.  Connor is always going to remember this little getaway, as well as our trip with Mike and the kids last weekend to California.  Travel with your kids, people, even if you don't think you can afford it.  There are cheap ways to do it, and it's one of the few things that's perfectly okay to charge if you have to as long as you don't go crazy.  Just my opinion.

This afternoon my boy and I are taking off together again.  This time we're flying to Albany, where I'll be until September 12 when I come back to Vegas.  I haven't been back since baby Hazel's birthday last April and I can't wait to get my hands on her.  My mother is in Albany now, too, so we'll have a nice little family reunion. 

Whatever you have going on this long weekend, enjoy!

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gayle said...

You are such a great Grandma! Connor is so lucky and he will always remember the fun times with you!