Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not so wicked after all

In case you haven't inferred from some of my posts this summer, being a stepmother can be challenging, to say the least.  And no doubt, it's hard on kids, too, to have an outsider suddenly become a member of their family, and only a couple of years after the fracture of their original nuclear family. 

We all do our best, and remarkably, we live in harmony.  Yes, I have my moments--everybody does--and sometimes it's especially hard for me because when it comes to having kids around, I've already earned the "Been there, done that" T-shirt.  Mike's kids are amazingly well behaved (believe me, I wouldn't be here otherwise), but the fact is, I should be enjoying the time of life when I shouldn't have to worry about stepping on Legos or looking at dirty socks all over the living room floor.  Plus, you know me, on a good day I'm not the most patient person. 

So I thought this was funny--the other night Mike's 11-year-old son says to me, "You remind me of Sharon Osbourne."  He knows her from America's Got Talent

"You know, honey," I said, "I've been told that before, several times even.  Mostly when my hair was shorter."

"Well, it's not that you look like her that much; I think you act like her.  Like she's always nice and positive."

HUH?  Nice and positive?  I'm thinking all I do is say stuff like, "Who thinks I should be the one to pick up this crap?"

"Awww... Well, thank you," I said.

And then he went back to playing Minecraft.  And I didn't mind cleaning up the empty plastic cups all over the kitchen.


raydenzel1 said...

I have to second the aww on this very early morning.

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

Minecraft? Empty plastic cups all over the kitchen? You have just described my home-life. Are you sure that isn't my kid?

~Coach said...


grrouchie said...

Yes, that is the perfect person to describe you as lol.

Kids truly do see things in a different light

LL Cool Joe said...

Kids have a way of getting away with murder because they say the nicest things.

Mind you is Sharon Osbourne like that? I would never have described her as nice. :D

lightning36 said...

Pretty darn good compliment!

Mike Dennis said...

Good thing he didn't say you acted like Howard Stern.

Mike Dennis said...

Good thing he didn't say you acted like Howard Stern.

Meliss said...

at least you're not married to Ozzy.

that really is lovely.

still, i don't think i could live with a hamster at this point in my life.

i'm very impressed!