Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our BIG night couldn't have been better!!!

Surreal -- my family's in lights!

Thursday night's fundraiser to benefit the alumni fund for St. Anne Institute was a HUGE success!  The Blackwell Sinners rocked it, I did really well, my sister Lori did an incredible job producing the show, the venue was fantastic and standing room only, and we made all kinds of money for the cause.  Sorry it's taken me so long to tell you, but as you can imagine, I've been going, going, going since I rolled into town.  As I write this, it's after midnight EDT Saturday night and I'm tired as hell, but I at least want to get some photos up.

Here are some of us in the green room before the show.  The kids' dad, "Lefty" Blackwell, put on a spread for everyone, which was really nice.

Christopher, Ketti, Brad, me, and Courtney

I wish I could have seen the Sinners perform from the green room, but I could hear them and they sounded amazing.  Fortunately, our friend Michael Joyce is a talented photographer and captured their performance.  He's still working on the video, but here are some of the pics he took.

St. Anne's CEO Tony Cortese opened the show with a big thank you to all, especially for Lori, "the committee of one."

St. Anne's CEO Tony Cortese

Then Lori spoke a little before introducing The Blackwell Sinners.

My sister Lori put the whole event together!

That's my ex Lefty on lap steel guitar, Dave Jenkins on bass, my daughter Courtney on guitar and vocals, my son Christopher on guitar and vocals, and Brad Towle on guitar.

The Blackwell Sinners



Of course, I was a wreck before my set--I so wanted to do well--but thankfully, the sound of my kids' music was just what I needed to calm my nerves.  I knocked it out of the park!

THANK GOD I did well.  There were so many people there; I really didn't want to suck.

Afterward, I signed books...


...and then a bunch of us--family, friends, and even the house manager of The Linda--headed to the bar across the street, where I had a big, dark celebratory beer!

That's Mom, front and center

I have lots more to say, but I'll save it for another time.  The bottom line is, words can't describe how appreciative I am.  Thank you to everyone in the Albany area who came out to the show, and thank you to all my readers for your words of encouragement. 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Tara said...

I'm so glad all went well for you guys. I actually googled the trip from Columbus to Albany just to see if I could get there... Ouch, 10 hours. <3 you and can't wait to see video!!

Unknown said...

Awesome! You must be exhausted at the end of every day being so fabulous. Congrats on the success!

Memphis MOJO said...

Glad to hear it went well!

Tender Heart Bear said...

I knew you would do a great job and have a great time. I am so happy that everything went great for all of you!

lightning36 said...

Great news. Big congrats!