Monday, November 19, 2012

Snooping around Facebook

Be honest.  Have you ever, maybe after a couple of beers, Googled an old crush from your past or looked them up on Facebook? Come on, everybody's done that, right?

The other night while beloved husband was engrossed in the latest release of Black Ops, I don't know... I was a little bored and was clicking around on Facebook trying to find two guys I knew from my college days at SUNY Plattsburgh.  Both were from the Albany metro area, but I've seen neither of them since I left Plattsburgh in 1977.

I haven't really thought of them much in the past 35 years, though occasionally their names come up when my girlfriends and I get together.  The conversation goes something like, "Remember how cute Max was?" and "Remember Joey? Wasn't he adorable?" And they were.  They were really cute, really adorable.  And in our minds, they look exactly like they did when we knew them three and a half decades ago.

Guess what?  I found them on Facebook; they both have public profiles.  They no longer look like 20-year-old party boys; today they're 55-year-old men. That was a little jarring--no more shoulder length hair on either of them--though they both look good.  I would have easily recognized one, but not the other.  I don't know why I expected them to be frozen in time.  Really, right?

My Facebook profile is public, too, and now I wonder who might have been nosing around my site.  Not that I care; otherwise, I wouldn't have it public.  Of course, we've all reconnected with people from the past through Facebook; it's the ones who take a look and slip away--as I did-- that we'll never know about.

I wonder, too, what they'd think when they land on my page.  As far as looks go, not too much has changed.  My hair is lighter than (but just as shitty as) when I was in college.  Weight-wise, I'm close to 30 pounds heavier, but I pray I never see 110 again--something would be horribly wrong. Certainly no one would believe I'm a comedian. An author? That wouldn't be too much of a stretch.  But I'd be shocked if anyone from my past would remember me as being funny.

Weird.  Have you ever done some Facebook snooping?  Were you surprised at what you found?  Or who found you?


lightning36 said...

The shock is, as you mentioned, when how you remember they looked is so much different than the 2012 version. Some people have not changed much. Others ... dang! Pretty difficult for someone mid-fifties to look like their 18-year-old self.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I know! Some look really old, and you wonder, "How can we be the same age???"

Memphis MOJO said...

I haven't nosed around Facebook that much, but it sounds like fun. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

oh I have totally done this!! actually took my high school yearbook and typed in everybodies name I knew!! it was hilarious!! and then went through my college guy in particular didnt surprise me at all!! and most people tell me I look the same but I am 60 pounds heavier, not 30 pounds heavier like you!! LOL.

BTW, I went to SUNY Cobleskill.

Jill from upstate NY

grrouchie said...

I only go nosing around the book of face looking for people whom I actually want to reconnect to.
The rest I let find me if they can/must.

However, I thought about making my FB public as a way to get more "friends' and draw more attention to my blog.
Does that make me a whore?

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ Memphis: It is fun!

@ Jill: My daughter went to Cobleskill, too. Nothing like the good old SUNY schools!

@ grrouchie: If you'd be a whore, at least you'd be in good company!

Mimi said...

Oh no! A new hobby!
I haven't done that cos I'm afraid people can tell who's been snooping around, and in this tiny country you could then run into them the following day!!
Tell me they can never know who looked at their profile and I'll be off snooping!