Monday, December 17, 2012

Dinner, drinks, strip club, casino, movie and a kinky time in bed--that's Vegas, baby!

You know how some people put up those Facebook posts that would have you believe their lives are full of glamour and excitement and you should be so jealous of all the fun they're having? 

Well you can't accuse me of being like that.  I could have posted something like this last Friday night:

I could have posted that, but then I'd be one of "those" people.  Not that the Irish bar/strip club/casino/movie/bedtime adventure isn't all true.

Yeah, Friday night is our "date night" and we did go for dinner and drinks at our favorite Irish bar.

Ri Ra Irish Pub in Mandalay Place has THE most amazing fish and chips. I highly recommend, and if you have a local ID, you get a 40% discount on your food.  Amazing.  We go there on Fridays all the time.  And because we're such cheap-asses, we drank... water.  Yeah. Not a typo.  Hey, I had a 12-pack of Black Butte Porter that I got for only $9.99 at Lee's Discount Liquor in the fridge at home--you think we're gonna shell out 5 bucks for a Guinness? 

After the delicious meal and calorie-free drinks, we really did go to a "gentlemen's club." Believe me, neither of us are the strip club type (no judgment--it's just not for us), but the showroom at the Sapphire Club has comedy on Friday nights, so we were on a reconnaissance mission to see if it's a place I might want to perform. 

The showroom was just to the right after we walked in and it was quite nice, but we stayed for only one of the comic's sets--and didn't even order drinks--and then headed out.  Yes, we left a strip club without seeing one naked or mostly naked girl. Not one tit, though they usually come in two's.  That's how we roll.

From there we decided to stop in for a little action at the M Casino. Mike is a shrewd poker player who usually leaves with more money than he goes in with, but on this night, he left with the exact same amount.  In fact, he didn't even open his wallet because all we did was stop at Baby Cakes for some gelato, my treat. It was pretty much a quick in and out. No gamblin'. No drinkin'.

We did take in a movie. Yep, after the M we headed home--after all, it was 10:15 already!--and we settled in the master suite for a little cinematic action. By this point, you can predict that we weren't exactly tuning in to a soft-porn flick on Cinemax.  No, we fired up the Netflix, opened a beer (finally), and watched a typical it's-Friday-night-let's-go-crazy movie, The Grapes of Wrath.

God help us.  It gets worse.

After the movie we got comfortable between the sheets for some kinky stuff, and I mean for hours.  I'm talking wet-shag-anal-tingles! 

Words With Friends style.  Yeah, that's what I'm talking about! And look at the time--that wasn't even our last game.  I think we partied until 5 a.m. and thank God that Mike won--remember what happened to the poor Scrabble game when I kicked his ass in that?

At least with Word With Friends, it's not likely he'll get so pissed that he'll trash his iPad.  (He's come close, though.)

So how about that for a swingin' Friday night in Sin City? We actually had so much fun laughing at ourselves for being a couple of boring losers, it was a perfect night out--and in.  When you have someone to laugh with--especially at yourselves--you're very, very lucky.  No matter how pathetic you may be.



Taradharma said...

you crack me UP. Sounds like a great date with the hubby. Needless to say, you are so lucky. And you know it, that's the best part.


Anonymous said...

"I'm talking wet-shag-anal-tingles!"

This right here had me rolling.

Long time reader, first time commenter. This one was just too good to pass up.

Your humor is fantastic!


lightning36 said...

Wow -- I was reading this on a boring day at work and had great expectations after reading the post title. Clearly PG-13 (you did say "tit," "naked" and "Butt"e) when I was expecting at least R.

Unless we got the PG-13 version ... he he.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ Tara: You're right--I sure do know how lucky I am. I give thanks every day.

@ Grouse: Well, I'm glad I finally got you to comment! Thanks for being a long-time reader--very much appreciated.

@ Lightning36: I can't get too dirty here--my mother reads this blog!

Carmel said...

Wade and I go to Ri Ra almost weekly to hear the old got sing!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Carmel, Mike and I have been there only for lunch or dinner--one of these nights we'll have to hear the music. Let me know next time you're going!

Mimi said...

Wow, you certainly know how to party! ha ha!
it's a gift to be able to take the piss out of yourself, but to have someone to do that with, is just fab!
I like your take on a FB post of this, wish young ones would realise this!
enjoying life is what it's all about, according to myself.