Thursday, December 27, 2012

What Albany and Kansas have in common

It looks like they're both in black and white:

Pretty sad when you take a color photo and it comes out like that!  Yup, that's what we woke up to this morning. The first major snowstorm of the season couldn't have waited until January 9, right?  Hello? I had specifically ordered a record-breaking heat wave for the Northeast from Jesus' birthday through Elvis'. D'oh!

I'm having a blast here.  Yesterday was my grandson Connor's 14th birthday, and my nephew Andy's 12th.

Yup, they both get gypped (no offense to any gypsies who may be reading this) by having their birthdays the day after Christmas.  Those two are best buds. So cute.

Here I am with my boy, Connor.  FREAKY how tall he is!  He's up to 5'11" now--surpassing his parents, who are both 5'10".

Don't I look short as hell?  I'm actually quite statuesque, at almost 5'5".  I can't get over how much he's grown since I last saw him in August.  Hazel, too--she's getting so big.  I didn't get any good pics of her last night, but I stole these from Courtney's Facebook page.

As you can see, she's no longer the Most Serious Baby on Earth. Check out the kitchen her father made for her; Courtney painted it.

Silly girl!

So this is the kind of present you get when your granny is a comedian.

We were up till 2:00 this morning watching Family Guy reruns on Netflix.  Typical.

Speaking of Seth MacFarland, my mother may have gotten the best present of all, as she announced on Facebook:

Yup, Mom got a talking Ted doll!

He says cool things like, "Johnny, how 'bout a beer, huh?" and "C'mere, you bastard." I didn't even know they existed or I would have gotten one for Connor.  Damn!

Well, I hope you all are enjoying the season and especially hope you've taken the week off from work.  Love to all!!!


Perplexio said...

My sister was/is going to swing through Albany to drop off her daughter before heading up to visit my parents in Malone today... I've been wondering how that's going to work out for her with that storm that passed through.

Your unintentional black and white photo answers that for me. :-)

Taradharma said...

I hear there is more snow on the way....

That little kitchen is fantastic - what talented people. My young daughter had a similar one made of plastic and not nearly so aesthetically pleasing, but she got years of fun out of. Best toy money I ever spent.

Stay warm, Linda!

Mimi said...

Snow, oh WOW! I'd love some of it, if you don't want it!
Kitchen is lovely, but that bear is just fantastic!
Happy Christmas/Holiday/Birthday Season, Linda!

lightning36 said...

The snow bypassed my home but unfortunately I headed to northern Wisconsin. The snow isn't bad but the cold weather sucks. Wish I was in Las Vegas.

Have a great trip!