Thursday, December 13, 2012

I'm too boring. Reveal yourselves!

Thanks for all your comments on my blog facelift! I'm still struggling to upload the video page--all the videos I've embedded turn into my third Bell's Palsy video and God knows we don't need to see that again. I don't know why it's doing that, but it's resulted in lots of swearing... and then I give up. I have no patience, you know that.

Speaking of, my new job is starting to ramp up. You know how it is when you start a new job. There's so much to learn and you have to set up your new infrastructure--email, access to the shared files, etc.
Even though I've been a technical writer for more than 20 years, I'm definitely not a technical person, so I have been swearing my head off this week trying to get from A to friggin' B.

Tuesday was the worst. I'd make 10 minutes of progress and then hit a roadblock that would take 20 minutes to overcome. This is the first job I've had where I've worked remotely right from the beginning--with the other ones, I worked in the office at first and then was able to work from home. Well, guess what? There's something to be said for being able to walk over to somebody's desk and say, "Hey, how did you set this up? What am I doing wrong?" and then they show you and you move on.

But working at home by yourself on a project where everyone's scattered throughout the country... that's a different story. Thank God I have Mike to get through this crap with me! He's a wiz. Otherwise, I would have taken a revolver to my laptop. And then maybe to myself.

My beloved blogging buddy Tara has a great post today entitled "I am Human" on her Out of the Lotus blog.  She writes about the negative things we tell ourselves, most notably, "I am such a fuck-up."  Reading that couldn't have come at a better time for me--that's exactly what I was telling myself all week long.  Why am I so stupid?  Why can't I get this?  Is everyone else struggling, too?  Am I just getting old?

If I let myself get swept into that downward spiral, I can convince myself that I've never made a good decision in my life, that I should never have set foot on my creative path, that had I just followed my father's advice and gotten "a good job with the state" after college, my life would be so much simpler and I wouldn't be spending every spare minute working on my goals for 2013 that I told you about a couple of weeks ago.

We can make a real mess of ourselves, can't we?  And of course, in real life I don't mean any of that. I spend half my life encouraging others to pursue their creative paths, and not just because misery loves company.

Can I just tell you how much I love being a comic?  Earlier today I wrote this sappy Facebook post.

Now, I do mean every word of that.  Enough about me, though; I'm even boring myself.  I want to know about you.  I look at my blog stats and wonder, who the hell are all these people?  Why do they keep coming back?  I have a long-time regular reader from St. Francisville, Lousiana, who has never revealed himself or herself, and believe me, I have asked.  Come on, isn't it about time?  I swear, if you come to Las Vegas, I will buy you a beer.

So all of you... Tell me about yourself!.   What are you working on?  What are some of your goals for 2013?  Where do you live?  What did you do today?  Do you like Warren Zevon?

These are the things I wonder about.  And now that I'm eliminated the stupid word verification, it's easier than ever to comment.  So tell me.  I'll buy you a beer, too!


Anonymous said...

I live in snowy Edmonton, Alberta, I'm working on getting Christmas ornaments finished and I have no goals for 2013, except maybe get a few more slides scanned in and organized.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hi, Cassie! No goals for 2013??? We need to talk. Thanks for commenting--I owe you a beer!

Anonymous said...

I am Barb and I am from Nebraska. I like an idiot have surgery scheduled for next Tuesday morning for a knee replacement.
My goals for 2013 is that I not kill my micro manager of a boss. He truly makes the job a horrible place to come into!! So I am going to work hard to remain positive!! And HOPE and PRAY that he retires soon even though he said six years ago he was retiring in five!

Mimi said...

What? You're buying drinks for everyone? i'm here!
Linda, I know how you feel about techie stuff, and also about those messages we give ourselves (I'm stupid with computers, I'm getting too old for this) but I LOVE your new blog, and I love that word verif is gone!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hey, Barb! Oh, I feel for you--those micro managers are unbearable. Fingers crossed that his retirement is just around the corner!

Thanks, Mimi!

The Vegas Flea said...

I'm reading, "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: The Dirty Life and Times of Warren Zevon".

Thanks for the recommendation Linda!!!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I knew you'd like it! I'm a big Warren Zevon fan, but man, talk about a Bastard Husband...

Anonymous said...

My name is Jamie. I live in western PA and am an ICU nurse. My goal is to continue to lose some weight...47# so far.. and I love your book!! On all 3 of my Kindles. I am reading all sorts of different books right now from the 50 shades series to Ellen's book. I really enjoy your views on things so keep it up!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Thank you, Jamie! Nurses are angels, and ICU nurses have an especially tough job. Keep up the good work with your weight loss--it's not easy this time of year!


Anonymous said...

Can I have chocolate instead of beer?
I really enjoy your blog and reading about all the things you do.