Thursday, March 14, 2013

Please help! Do you have a "tech tip"?

If you're like me (but let's hope you aren't), you're feeling a wee bit overwhelmed by all the available technology out there. I go through phases where I simply can't bear the thought of learning something new and then every once in a while I'll get in the mood to explore a little.  It seems, though, that whenever I discover something interesting, everyone else is like, "Oh, yeah, I've known about that for ages."

So my question is, what am I missing out on now?

I had this brilliant idea to have a "tech share" meeting with my clients at work.  I'm asking everyone to come with a tech tip--a useful app or website or God knows what else--that they think people in general would be interested in.  Something that would make their life easier or more fun.

This is where I need your help.  The meeting is next Wednesday, and I'd like to have an arsenal of cool stuff to show them in case most people come to learn rather than share.  I'm not exactly tech-a-licious myself--I mean, I can get by, but sometimes not without a lot of swearing.

So what do you have for me? What bit of technology would be helpful for almost anyone to know about?

Come on, make me look good!  Alas, I work in a formal business environment and can longer rely on cleavage and short skirts. :(


Anonymous said...

I'm not tech smart but here is a tip some people may not know about. Some people have trouble reading the small font on their computer, if they hold the control button down and spin the wheel thing up it makes the font larger. If they use a Mac I think it's command and the plus sign.
It's a really simple thing but it's handy for small printing.
Cassie, Edmonton, Alberta.

Ann said...

Linda, Check out It's the new PowerPoint!

Mellodee said...

Sadly, I would be a learner, not a sharer. My cell is a flip phone and about 6 or 7 years old. I don't even know how to set up speed dials! Sorry!

Maybe after your conference, if you learn some cool stuff, you could share some of the easier stuff with the rest of us dinosaurs??! :)


Taradharma said...

I'd like to know all the little shortcut and tricks for excel database. But it's a Mac thing. So unless your users use Mac....

Unknown said...

Here's a lead for ya...
55 Articles on Twitter for Learning

InJensMind said...

Instagram is a big site. Many celebs have made it there new home.

G+ stays relevant as well as twitter and pinterest.

I use several apps on my phone depending on what I need...
Pic apps for watermarking ( thievery is as high as ever on photos)
Apps to enhance photos... beyond photoshop.
Apps to make life easier... counting calories, finding the cheapest gas prices, locating places you may not know of.

It all comes down to what your clients need... like it's said, " there's an app for that."

Mimi said...

To undo typing on an iPhone, just shake the phone vigorously, and that option will come up.
But don't do what I did..showing this trick to a friend in a taxi, and shook the phone so hard it slid out of its case and nearly hit the taxi driver on the head! Seriously!

Fragrant Liar said...

Well, I don't have a tech tip off the top of my head, but I'm fascinated by Mimi's tip about undoing typing on an iPhone, since that's something I always wish for, and am in fact writing a post about. So, good news for me! Glad I stopped in.

Plus, it's sad when we can't rely on cleavage and short skirts anymore.

Unknown said...

I'm going to join you in the ranks of the "new tech deficient" group. Although,I did feel mildly excited last weekend when I installed a new printer equipped with wireless capability. And it worked...I'm fully recovered now, my pulse is back to normal. I must admit that I scratch my head in amazement whenever I stare at your banner did you do that? With two mirrors? In a parallel universe?