Friday, March 1, 2013

So much for my regular posting schedule...

I am really sorry.  I thought for sure that once things calmed down after the girls went back to Albany on Tuesday, I'd be able to get back onto my usual posting schedule, starting yesterday.  Hahahaha!  Wednesday I started my first official day at my new job--I say "official" because I had been doing consulting for them and now I'm an actual full-time employee.  It's great and I love the work.  More about that some other time. 

Anyway, on Wednesday I'm sitting in my office (yes, my own office and not a cubicle!) and I'm like, I'm not feeling so hot. I was freezing all day and as the afternoon went on, I came to realize I must be coming down with something. Figures--that is totally my m.o.  Anytime I have a particularly stressed out period of life, I reward myself for getting through it by contracting something.  At least this time it wasn't Bell's Palsy, as fun as that was. No, I just crashed when I got home from work and slept right through to the next day. No time to write a post for Thursday morning.

I felt a lot better yesterday, but last night we had to go to a dinner party for a friend's birthday and didn't get home until after 9:00, at which point I crashed again.  We'll see how today goes, but at least I got up early enough this morning to dash this off to you.

I really do have a lot to tell you about our time in Palm Springs, and I have a great place for you to stay if you ever decide to go there.  Next time--I gotta hit the road and go to work.  No more telecommuting for me, but.... did I tell you I have my own office? 


~Coach said...

Okay, now you're just ripping off my Friday posting ideas... :P Congrats on the bump to full-time and I'm glad that you're feeling better! :)

grrouchie said...

Ha Ha you have a job!
With a schedule
Congrats on staying insanely busy

Mimi said...

Congrats on the office, I still remember the thrill of getting my own office!!
Take it easy Linda, there's no pressure re posting; we're not going away!

Memphis MOJO said...

Offices are the nuts, cubes = not so much.