Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bastard Husband: A Love Story -- FREE this weekend! (and other plugs)

That's right--go download my book, Bastard Husband: A Love Story for free today and tomorrow.  You wouldn't believe how these free promotions translate into real sales for me, and every download really helps!  I have yet to figure out how that crazy Amazon algorithm works; all I know is that when you hit it the right way, sales happen. So help me out and spread the word! 

Other things happening... Tonight I hit the stage at Roadrunner's on West Flamingo and 215. Can't make it because you're in a different state or country?  The show will be streaming live on The Rocking Comedy Show, so tune in!  Show starts at 9:00 (and I hope it really does...) I was a guest on their podcast on April 9; if you scroll down the page, you can listen to the archives.  I'm only about an hour into the show.

Tomorrow night I'll be doing a set at LJ's at 1243 East Sahara. That's an early show--starts at 8:00, which is good because it's a school night and I need my beauty sleep.

And then on Thursday night, I'll be in the all-female lineup at Scoundrel's Pub at 4360 South Decatur. That starts around 9:30, and I've asked to go up first because it's a school night and I need my beauty sleep.

It's good that I'm getting back to comedy--it's been almost two months since I've been on stage and I have a couple of big things coming up in the next two months that I have to be sharp for.  On May 5, I'll be speaking to about 60 women at a Hadassah luncheon (you know me...) and in early June (date TBD) I'll be at the exclusive Cube Theater in a show that will be professionally taped, so I should be able to get some decent footage to share.

Oh, it looks like the archive is up from the in-studio guest spot I did on the Sex and Money show on KLAV.  Click here to listen and scroll down to the April 8 broadcast.

My blogging schedule has sucked lately--you can see why. I apologize about all the self-promotion today.  I'm actually working on a meaningful post, so stay tuned.

 But in the meantime, go download my book!  (Pleeeeeeze!)



Taradharma said...

how exciting - to be booked for so many gigs! I'll try and tune in tonight. I'll also spread the word on FB about the free download. You go, girl.

grrouchie said...

No hair plugs?
Kinda disappointed

Memphis MOJO said...

I downloaded it before -- great book!

Rob said...

Someday someone will explain to me how giving the book away will make you money, but hey, for free stuff, I'm here to help! Just downloaded it. Thanks!

Problem, I like to read in bed and if it's as funny as I suspect it will be, I'll be too busy laughing to fall asleep.

Rob said...

P.S., just added a little blurb on my blog about this as a way of saying thanks for the free book. My readers are most illiterate, but you never know...... :)

lightning36 said...

I kept thinking the book was written about me, but then I remembered that the title would need to be F***ing A**hole.