Monday, September 2, 2013

Does it seem like all I do is travel and go on vacation?

I'm on vacation in Albany until next Sunday.  So glad to be here!  I have a few pictures to share.  (Sorry if you've already seen some of these on Facebook.)

Here I am with my little angel, Hazel.

It is SO hard to get that kid to look into the camera.  I don't know how Courtney ever took this one of her a few weeks ago. And she's smiling!

Is that not the most perfect picture?  That hair!  I could eat her up.

Today there were close to 20 of us at the racetrack in Saratoga.  I love the ponies! I didn't cash in one ticket, but who cares?  It's such a fun place to hang out.

Hey, I lightened my hair again.  The dark brown was way too harsh.  Much better like this!

No Vegas blue sky here; it was overcast all day. There was a 100% chance of rain, but thankfully we didn't get a drop.

Here's my son, Christopher, taking Hazel for a little walk. 

 My daughter-in-law, Ketti, Chris, and Connor doing some serious handicapping.

Connor and my nephew Andy--the next generation of bettors.

Aw....  My boy Connor loves his Granny! 

Hard to believe Connor starts high school on Monday.

Speaking of high school, yesterday I caught up with my high school boyfriend from 40 freakin' years ago!!!  Here we are with my sister Lori.


Like I said, it's great to be here with my family.  And as you can see, it's green in these parts!

Hope you all had an enjoyable holiday weekend, too! 



Tara said...

Looks like a great time. Lucky you that you get to visit family regularly -- we know you work hard for the money, too. Oh Connor, high school, land of craziness. He looks like such a sweet soul. Does he have a posse he hangs with? That he still hugs his granny is delightful!!

Debbie said...

YES. You travel all the time and are always on vacation and I'm jealous LOL. I MISS YOU!!!! I owe you a long email. You're looking great, love the hair (though it's a little hard to see the blonde in the pics) ... Will send an email soon! Promise! Til then ...


Julie D said...

You do travel alot which is good because I live vicariously through you. Just make sure Ohio is on your travel agenda for 10/31/14. Don't make me come and get you.

In a related story, coming to Vegas right before my wedding would be a nice Bachelorette party. Hmmmm....

Joanna Jenkins said...

Little Hazel is adorable!
Travel all you want-- it looks like you're having a total blast!
xo jj