Thursday, November 26, 2009

Yes, yes, of course I’m thankful

Thanksgiving... again? If you really want to hear my take on the holiday, just read last year’s post. Nothing’s changed since then.

So today I’m catching a 2 p.m. flight to Albany, which is awesome because I’m totally going to miss Thanksgiving dinner. (You know me and food.) I haven’t been to Albany since Courtney’s wedding party in June, and I cannot wait to see my kids and get my hands on my precious grandson, Connor. I can tell from Court’s Facebook photos that’s he’s really getting big and older looking. (I’d kick his ass if he said that about me.)

I have a direct flight on Southwest and I’m A-59, which means I’m guaranteed to get one of my favorite seats in the back next to the window. You know me about being so goddamn neurotic about getting to the airport with a friggin’ hour to spare (remember this post?); let’s hope I’m on more on the ball than I was last time I flew to Boise. Yep, I made some friends in the airport bar and, well, time kinda got away from me and even though I was an A-28, I ended up being one of the last people to board. Tsk-tsk, Linda.

I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off from work (thank you, Baby Jesus) so I’ll have a nice long time to visit. Lori’s having a 50th birthday bash on Saturday and the next night is my Albany book release party. (5 p.m. at Tess’ Lark Tavern on Madison Avenue) It will be very similar to the book launch event I had here in Vegas with a reading and whatever other b.s. I come up with. I hope it goes just as well! One of my friends is going to film it and I’ll ask him to put the video in a format that will allow me to load snippets onto YouTube. I’m praying for a decent hair day on Sunday, but you know, there’s only so much even Baby Jesus can do.

I’ll still be posting on my regular schedule and will have lots of pictures to show you. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and to my friends around the world who don’t celebrate the holiday—just have a great freakin’ day!


Stephanie said...

Have a fantastic visit!
Safe flights:)

Carol said...

Sounds like you are going to have a few fabulous days ahead of you. Take care and enjoy!

Perth WA