Thursday, July 22, 2010

Check out this video of Courtney performing

There's nothing that brings me more joy than watching my kids perform their music--you know that! Here's a video I took of my daughter, Courtney, performing last month at Mabee Farms Historical Site in Rotterdam Junction, NY. What a cool venue.

Court writes her own music. This one's called "World of Mine." That's her fabulous and talented husband, John Rice, accompanying her. Sorry about the quality of the video--I have a lot to learn. A LOT.

She doesn't get her voice from me, that's for sure! When they were younger, my kids used to say my voice is like sound of an ironing board opening.

Courtney's still working on her website, but if you're in the Albany area and need a singer for a wedding, coffeehouse gig, or other event, you can contact her here. I was in some airport recently (can't remember which one) that had a folk singer entertaining travelers and I thought that would be perfect for her.

Yep, I have a million ideas for other people; meantime, I should be focusing on marketing my own book. Isn't it so much easier to tell other people what they should be doing?

So proud.


Julie D said...

She's fabulous....

Anonymous said...

She's amazing!

Stephanie said...

Oh you should be so proud! She has such a unique voice. Loved it!