Thursday, July 29, 2010

YOU can be on the Oprah show!

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed the Be on the Show link on Like comedians and bloggers, Oprah’s always on the prowl for material and turns to her viewers to help her out.

I check the link now and then, and a couple of years ago I submitted a story that actually got some attention. They were looking for women who dress inappropriately for their age and I came up with some kind of funny b.s. response, probably on a Friday night after my second beer. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I’m sure it had to do with Vegas cleavage, short skirts and vampy heels not typically seen on grannies.

Several months later I got an email from one of Oprah’s producers wanting to coordinate a time for a phone interview. I talked to her soon after and, upon her request, sent a picture of myself. Evidently I wasn’t inappropriate enough—I never heard anything more. Or maybe they canned the story idea, thinking it was more suited to Jerry Springer.

Anyway, right now Oprah’s Be on the Show page is asking (in capital letters!) “IS THERE A CELEBRITY YOU’D LOVE TO MEET?”

Um, helloooo… Beverly d’Angelo! I was saving this as one of my goals for 2011, but hell, the opportunity is presenting itself right now and I’m gonna jump on it. Yes, it’s time I get serious about meeting my celebrity girl-crush, and so I’m drafting a little “Please, Oprah! Pick me!” plea for consideration. I haven’t quite put it together yet, but I’m definitely going to mention my Beverly d’Angelo fridge magnets that a friend made out of bottle caps. And I’m thinking the ending will look something like this:
I know I should want to meet someone intelligent and influential, like Margaret Thatcher or Kelly Ripa, but do I hope you select my entry. My only alternative is to feign a serious illness and appeal to the Make-a-Wish adult division. Meeting Beverly on the Oprah show would be so much easier, and I wouldn’t have to shave my head. Though I totally will, if that’s what it takes.
Can you imagine if I got to meet Bev? I swear, I’ll jump on Oprah’s friggin’ couch! Keep your fingers crossed!

Now take a look at Oprah’s site and tell me—are there any opportunities for you to be on the show? If so, go for it!!!


Julie D said...

Ahahahahahaha. Her parents are (were? if they're still alive) from here and she was in town all the time.

I think we should write a duo letter about Denis Leary. LOL We could tag team him!

Mike Dennis said...

You'll never make it, Linda. You have to let them know you want to meet a REAL woman, like Lindsay Lohan or Pamela Anderson. Anna Nicole Smith also comes to mind but I think she's presently dead.

Anonymous said...

HAHA!!! I so hope you can make it on the show. That's one show I would watch...and I would jump on my couch with you!

Debbie said...


Unknown said...

Ummmm, I don't know who she is. But, I do hope you're chosen.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Good luck, Linda Lou! Beverly d'Angelo, she of the sexy overbite. I hope you win because then I'd get to see you on Oprah. Hey, maybe I should write in and say I want to meet you. Wait, if I had the time for that, I could write an entry into your book contest. Any chance I could get an extension on that? My... uh... dog ate my... um... wireless mouse.

krista zee said...

You ARE kidding about Kelly Rippa being "intelligent and influential", right???

gayle said...

I think you should write promoting your book!!! You should say the viewers want to mee YOU!~!!!

gayle said...

I think you should write promoting your book!!! You should say the viewers want to mee YOU!~!!!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, kay zee, you kill me.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Be carefully with the Kelly Rippa comment-- Her husband Mark what's his name is an Oprah regular.

And I hope you get on the show. I've written her for years asking for tickets to her "Favorite Things" show so I could take the loot and turn it into a charity giveaway-- Never heard a peep from them.

Fingers crossed for you.