Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last day in Vegas and my beloved Saturn is a martyr!

Oh, dammit--it's my last day in Las Vegas. I've had an incredible time here, mostly just hanging out with Mike. We watched four movies together, I made a pan of lasagne (which we've been eating all week), we took two trips to Ben & Jerry's, went to see some blues Thursday night... nothing special, but it's all been very special.

It's going to be hard to leave him tomorrow morning. Just look at this hunk of man!

And here I am with my typical cheesy picture face.

My trip was scheduled around a speaking engagement on Thursday, which had been on my calendar for months. A woman who saw my show back in March asked me to talk to her group. What a fantastic bunch of gals! And I sold a ton of books, which was awesome. I have to get line up more gigs like that--I LOVE to speak and it's truly the easiest way to get my book in people's hands. I've already heard from one woman who said she read it in one night--I love that!

Speaking of books, I hope you're planning to submit to my How Am I Normal? anthology. Don't worry if you don't feel like you're a polished enough writer--all I'm looking for is a funny story about your crazy childhood. I'll edit your piece, so don't fret. The 8/1 deadline is approaching! Check out the full submission guidelines at my site.

I got to visit with a few of my friends while I'm here in Vegas. Not all, though. I didn't want to overschedule myself; I really wanted to focus on my relationship with Mike. Plus I'll be back for good soon enough. But you know I'd never leave town without seeing my former cubicle cellmate and 25-year-old BFF, Joe. Can I say one more time how much I love that kid?

Rremember how I sold Joe my beloved Saturn for $300 after I bought my new Scion? I was psyched to have the car stay in the family, but it looks like it's almost time for it to move on to the big Saturn heaven in the sky. Take a look at this video we made.

A while back Joe and I made a video of just the two of us having a goofy conversation. It's really funny, but long--I'll have to figure out how to edit it and break it into segments.

Anyway, it's all been wonderful. Life is good.

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You and Joe are adorable as you epitomize your Saturn. Sad that it was a martyr but great that Joe benefits in a wonderful way! Hope he finds something just as equally cool!