Monday, September 20, 2010

A quick update on Hurricane Mikey

11:15 a.m. (EDT)

Just got off the phone with the big guy—I was concerned that he hadn’t posted in a couple of days and wanted to make sure he’s all right. He’s fine.  Sounds like he’s going great.

Mikey was released from the hospital on Saturday and is staying with his sister Amy and her husband. He just got his computer connected yesterday and hasn’t had a chance to post, but he assures me he’ll put something up tonight.

Mikey also assured me that he’s fine financially—something I know a lot of us have been wondering about—but I bet you anything a little something in his tip jar would be greatly appreciated. It’ll be a while till he can work again; he’s on two months bed rest and can’t drive for another five weeks. The good news, in addition to the fact that he continues to be recovering so well, is that he’s “getting the best care you can possibly imagine” and the hospital is working with him on the medical expenses so all he has to do is focus on getting better.

Really, he sounds fantastic. When this is all behind him, I’m gonna kick his ass for giving us such a scare.


bdog said...

Thanks for the update and info ,you are a good friend.

Anonymous said...

Wait...if Mikey's on 2 months bed rest, then won't he be at risk for additional blood clots? (I read this on Wiki How) That's why this happened in the first place, right? Remaining too long in a fixed position?

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I'm pretty sure they've advised him of prevention techniques, plus I don't think Mikey's actually in bed--just resting.