Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vegas-bound today!

My flight leaves at 12:45 this afternoon. Thank God Southwest has a direct flight from Albany to Las Vegas--flying without a layover makes such a big difference.

Speaking of thanking God, surely you've heard about the Australian couple whose premature baby miraculously came back to life. Is that the most amazing story you've ever heard or what? You have to wonder if it's wise to wisk even healthy babies away immediately after birth; obviously there's tremendous power in skin-to-skin contact.

My mind is going crazy thinking about all the other implications. I think of old people who maybe haven't had a hug in months. Or single people who don't have a swinging social life. If you do nothing else today, give someone a hug!

I'm also thankful that no one got seriously hurt in that kick-ass earthquake in New Zealand. I haven't heard from B.H. in a few weeks, but he's on the north island anyway, so I'm sure he's safe.

Well, you be safe, too, this holiday weekend. It's hard to believe the summer is over. I see some leaves starting to turn here and there, but once I get to Vegas, it will be summer all over again. And lots of hugs. Can't wait.


Unknown said...

Good for you being back in Vegas again!

You're right, too many people are dealing with loneliness and a need for a hug.

There's a homeless guy in my area who broke in and jumped into a hot tub. He called 911 after discovering that he needed a dry towel (he was naked). He asked for towels, hot chocolate with marshmallows and a hug. He got jail time instead but at least he's going to be warm.

Have a safe trip.

K A B L O O E Y said...

Have a safe flight and knock back a few cocktails. Hope you make the "A" group on Southwest. I've got a Southwest flight tomorrow night, so I'll wish my family a smooth trip too. I'll go off and give away some hugs now... here's one for you. O

Sammi said...

Have a great Flight Linda. Enjoy the weather in Las Vegas, NY is breezy and cool today.

Mike Dennis said...

Let me be the first to welcome you back, Linda!

Mimi said...

((hug for you))
I didn't hear about the baby, but remember years ago reading about skin-to-skin contact for preemie babies.

Envious of you, wiht Vegas summer to look forward to. It's getting cold here in the evenings, thoughts of putting the heating on, ugh!

Donna B. said...

Hugs and safe travels. Please call me so maybe you, Lisa and I can do lunch... or dinner...

I did not hear about the Australian baby either. I will google it.