Saturday, October 16, 2010

Here’s your chance to tell me where to go

Two weeks from today (Saturday, October 30) Mom, Lori and I will be hitting the road on our cross-country trek from Albany, NY, to Las Vegas. We’d like to roll into Vegas a week later on Saturday, November 7, though the next day would be okay as well.

When Lori and I made the trip last May, we had some definite ideas of places we wanted to check out—Santa Fe, the Oklahoma City memorial, Graceland, Nashville, and Asheville, NC, come to mind. But the attractions that turned out to be the most fun were quirky and unexpected—Cadillac Ranch, the largest cross in North America, and the café at the midpoint of Route 66 in Texas; Gatlinburg and a Loretta Lynn restaurant somewhere in Tennessee; Helen Keller’s birthplace and the lost luggage place in Alabama… not to mention all the biker bars we visited along the way. (Note to Mom: don’t think we won’t be dragging you into a few on this trip.)

We’re not so sure of our itinerary for the way back. I’ve already been to the Museum of Tobacco Art and History in Nashville, and it’s a good thing I saw it when I did because it’s now closed. Lori’s already been to the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame in St. Louis, but I haven’t and it sounds like a blast so she may just end up there again. I’d also like to breeze through Roswell, NM, in search of alien life, though it’s not really on the way.

See, this is where we need your help.

What fun/quirky places can you recommend between Albany and Las Vegas?

Or, is there a weird place you always wanted to visit and would like us to report back on?

We’d especially like to find something in West Virginia and Kentucky since we’ve never been through those states. I’ve never been to Kansas or Missouri, either. I’m open for suggestions—tell me where to go!


raydenzel1 said...


Gianetta said...

Boonesborough, KY. Home of Daniel Boone. They have a state park there too.

Corbin, KY. Site of Colonel Sanders and the first KFC restaurant.

Louisville, KY. Home of the Louisville Slugger Bat Company. That is someplace I have always wanted to see.

Mimi said...

Well, Linda, I can't help you cos I've never been there, but it's a great idea to ask around blogland.
Just thinking if anyone was coming to Ireland I'd know loads of places to recommend. This might be a new business idea! said...

I'm not sure but I know you're going to have a great time with your sis. Hope you'll blog and take more pictures.

Mike Dennis said...

Hi Linda--
You might want to check out the Virgin River Gorge, if you haven't already seen it. It's in the little northwest corner of Arizona, between St George, Utah and Mesquite, Nevada on I-15. It's a little-known natural sensation.

Jamie in PA said...

Mystery Hole in Ansted WV. you can also check out New River Gorge Bridge.

Anonymous said...

Linda Lou. Check out chruchhill downs in KY. Chief

Julie D said...

Well there's always Columbus Ohio!

Anonymous said...

austrailan pink floyd at the hersey theate, hersey pa nov 1st

Donna B. said...

Looking forward to hearing about the trip...should be interesting weather!

Looking forward to your return to long will you be staying and WHERE will you be staying?

I will be in CA until the 10th and then back again for Thanksgiving... Hopefully, we can get together...

Flamingo Joe said...

Linda Lou,
In Kansas City (the metropolitan area straddles both Missouri and Kansas) you’ll have the chance to savor superior barbecue. (In the interest of full disclosure, I must acknowledge barbecue brisket from Texas!) You NEED to eat the ribs at Rosedale Barbecue (Kansas City, Kansas). I also highly recommend the two-meat sandwich (my favorite is beef & ham) at Zarda’s (Lenexa, Kansas).

Among other great things, Kansas City is home to the National World War I Museum. It is a world class facility and definitely worth spending several hours in.

Depending on which guide book you read, eleven to thirteen miles of Route 66 is in Kansas. From Kansas City, drive south on Highway 69 to intersect Historic Route 66. The drive into Oklahoma City is scenic and nostalgic.

When you get to Tucumcari, New Mexico, don't miss the enchiladas at Del’s Restaurant!
Have fun and see you in ‘Vegas, baby’!

---Flamingo Joe---