Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Following up on previous posts

Today I want to follow up on some stuff I've talked about recently. 

Remember my post on the rat bastard credit card companies from a couple of weeks ago?  My dear reader Sous-Chef up in freezing Minnesota left this comment.
Two words for everybody: "credit union." Member owned and supported and far better credit policies (and rates) long-haul than any banking or "financial" institution. Membership requirements vary by insitution sometimes it's employer based other times it may be community residency. If you don't meet the requirements but family members do and belong you may be eligible to join based on that.
Now, you know damn well that there's nothing I love more than offering advice, especially unsolicited, but you may be surprised to learn that sometimes I actually take advice, too.  Sous-Chef's comment sent me into action. 

I called Wells Fargo and said, "Look, you rat bastards, you're charging me 21 percent on a credit card with a pristine payment history.  Is there anything you can do about lowering that rate?"  (Pause) "Oh, no?  Very well, then." And then I marched my Buns of Steel ass to Nevada Federal Credit Union and got myself a loan at freakin 8, I said 8, percent and paid off every bloody cent I owed to Wells "Go Eff Yourself" Fargo.

Just. like. that.  I thought you had to be special in some way to join a credit union, but in this case, I only had to be a Clark County resident.  I got great service with a smile from a guy named Sheridan at the branch on Boulder Highway and Lake Mead.  Seriously, it couldn't have been a more pleasant experience.

Then yesterday an insurance guy from NFCU named Bart (!) called me and within an hour I lowered my monthly car insurance payment by $40 with an increase in coverage.   I had been with Nationwide for over 30 years and I just jumped freakin' ship to The Hartford's AARP (d'oh!) plan when I heard how much better it was.  The bottom line is, one simple trip to the credit union is going to save me a boatload in the long run.  Thanks for the great advice, Sue!

Now I'm obsessed with finding other ways to save money.  My boyfriend is Mr. Thrifty to the point where I feel sorry  if you get stuck in back of him in the Walmart grocery because he's price matching every goddamn item with a handful of competitors' flyers and questioning the cashier's every scan.  Seriously, I won't shop with him; it's too embarrassing. 

Proof on our kitchen counter!
But if you have any money-saving tips, I'd love to hear them and I bet everyone else would, too.  Comment away!

Changing topics...  On Saturday I said I'd let you know about a great place to stay if you decide to visit Sedona.  I've been staying at Sky Ranch Lodge up near the Sedona airport for over 10 years now, and I think it's great.  If you want to splurge for a rim room, you'll have a fantastic view of the city.  I've stayed in the rim rooms many times, but on our trip last weekend, Mr. Thrifty and I decided we'd go for a regular old room at about half the price (less than $60).  And you know what?  For the amount of time we were in the room, plus the fact that it gets dark so early this time of year, it was a totally smart move to opt for the cheaper rate.  Plus, we still could see the red rocks (pardon the screen).

All the rooms are going to be redone soon and honestly, it's about time.  But still, this place is immaculate and you know me and my germ freakiness.

If I have one complaint (and you know I do), it's that the walls are paper thin.  Saturday night the people in the next room had both a blaring TV and a fussy baby (probably because the goddamn TV was so loud) so you know that was driving me insane (short trip). Maybe they were getting us back for all the noise from our room on Friday night.  Giggity.

I'm such an a-hole.

Okay, one last thing.  Remember this post where I was bitching about that fucking Black Ops game?  Well, evidently new "maps" are being released today and that means later today is going to be pure hell for me with all the shooting, shooting, shooting going on in the living room.  (Anyone want to meet me for a drink this afternoon?  I can be there by 3:30.)  But good news!  I've found a solution that I can't reveal just yet, but I swear you're going to think I'm a goddamn genius when you hear it.  Maybe Thursday. How's that for a tease?     


Anonymous said...

I love credit unions. I have gotten all my car loans through mine and pay them off early which is helpful because the last time I needed a new car all they said was how much? No hassle!

Anonymous said...

I REFUSE TO PUT UP WITH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was fed up with Chase "randomly" selecting people to wait on from the BACK of the line (when we had patiently waited our turn up front.) When I complained about feeling second-class/discriminated, their response was "it's random." So I "randomly" took all my money over to US Bank & they gave me $75 checking account bonus + $50 gift card savings account + I will receive ANOTHER $50 gift card in 12 months. Guess you could say Chase Bank chased me away & US Bank gave me a consumer bailout...with free checking!

Sous-Chef said...

Thanks for the shoutout Linda, I'm doing the happy dance for you. Breaking yourself of the "banking" habit is such a relief.

To the reader dealing with US BANK ...I wish you luck. Typically the money they give you up front (chump change to them) comes from the money they will take from you in terms of their revolving policies and fees/interest. Depending on your banking habits it could take less than a year.


Anonymous said...

We got a really cheap rate from Hartford too but then they raised so much the third year, we left and went with a smaller company recommended by our independent insurance agent. I tried to use my Google ID but it wouldn't work so I guess I'll just remain "Anonymous".

Caz Wilson said...

So this solution to Call of Duty - is it wireless earphones for the TV???