Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dinner and a movie and change for a $20 bill?

I saw a great movie Tuesday night.  Not Citizen Kane great, I mean great like funny with a cute plot and talented actors.  I'm sure it'll be in the theaters for about a week or so and hardly anyone is going to see it, which is too bad.  Oh yeah, I should tell you what it is.

It's Cedar Rapids, with Ed Helms, John C. Reilly and Anne Heche.  I thought it was so goddamn hilarious, I nearly laughed my Buns-of-Steel ass off.  It's kind of stupid humor, so keep in mind this is coming from someone whose all-time favorite movie is What About Bob?  Keep in mind this is coming from someone whose second all-time favorite movie is Pee Wee's Big Adventure.  Keep in mind this is coming from someone who walked out of The Hangover

Humor is so subjective, huh?  Take a look at the trailer and decide for yourself if it's for you.

Ed Helms does a great job playing the naive man-child, John C. Reilly is his usual hysterical self, and Anne Heche is perfect in her role.  You know what other role she'd be perfect in?  The role of your pal Linda Lou in the screen adaptation of Bastard Husband: A Love Story.  She's a real-life whack job with crappy hair--enough said.  But I'll say more:  Did you know Anne Heche won a Daytime Emmy years ago when she was on Another World?  If that's not a credential to be proud of, I don't know what is.  So as much as I'd love to get my hands on Beverly D'Angelo, it would be in my best professional interest to meet Anne Heche.  If that's not an example of sacrificing for your art, I don't know what is.

So yeah, Tuesday night Mike and I had a "date night" consisting of dinner and a movie.  You already know what the movie is, but you'll never in a million years guess where we went for dinner.  It was my choice; he would have taken me anywhere.  So where did I pick?


That's right.  Costco.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but Costco has a hot dog and soda special for $1.50 and I'm telling you, those hot dogs are giant-sized and they're freakin' delicious!  And I don't know if you're aware of this, but I am a huge hot dog fan. (Calling Dr. Freud...)  I said to Mike, "I'm telling you right now, I'm having two of these suckers, so I hope you brought your wallet."  He was like, "Anything for you, my love.  Would you like to cruise around the store first and take advantage of the free appetizers?" but I was like, "Hey, let's not be piggish." 

Have you ever gone to Costco just to eat?  We didn't even go into the store.  It was funny on the way out when we were passed the guy whose entire job is to check receipts and we're walking out empty-handed.  I was like, "Um, nothing for us today," as if there wasn't one item in the entire store that struck my fancy.

So how's that for a perfect date night? Life in the fast lane... this is Vegas, baby!


Liz said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that movie but I hate going to theaters (can't stand the people that are rude during movies) so I'll wait until it comes out on DVD. Cedar Rapids is in my beautiful state of Wisconsin. It's actually a lovely place!

Anonymous said...

Dinner at Costco? That's a first! I'm glad you liked it though. Something different is always fun!

OMG I laughed so hard at The Hangover that I thought my stitches were going to burst!

raydenzel1 said...

too funny Linda
I love Costco!

Debbie said...

Talk about cheap date!? LOL! ok ... here in L.A. where I live, Cost Co is like Disneyland to all the Mexicans (and I'm Mexican myself but born here ... I'm going to hell for this) and for that reason alone I HATE, HATE, HATE going to Cost Co on the weekend! They take the whole damn family, including Grandma and all the freaking kids!!! AAARRRRHHHH!!!

But those hot dogs ARE GOOD.

Deb said...

You are hilarious! My daughter works at Costco and yes, their hotdogs are to die for! You are a cheap date but you have good taste!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's tried Costco hot dogs! If you haven't, you don't know what you're missing!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, this has become a way of life for a lot of people.

In addition, those who complain about having to come into the office instead of working at home are darn lucky to have a job in the first place!

Unknown said...

God, I love you Linda! You made me laugh today :)