Thursday, March 10, 2011

So we're just waiting for all these people to die off, right?

Last week I was telling a friend about how great it is to work at home--how I save so much money on gas, clothes, eating out, etc.  He shook his head.  "I could do eighty percent of my job at home, but my boss is the type who wants to see people in their seats.  I'll never be able to work at home." 

We talked about how stupid that was, and how a lot of progressive companies are reaping the benefits of allowing virtual workers.  Morale is improved, which leads to reduced turnover, plus they can save a mint in commercial real estate and associated costs.

"Sure, it makes total sense," my friend said, "but I'll have to wait for my boss to die off before that will happen."

He's right; the younger generation of workers behind him will think differently.  Hmmm.

Then earlier this week, I responded to a Facebook post by HLN talk show host Joy Behar asking for viewer opinions on the "Sister Wives" reality TV show and whether polygamy should be legal if it's part of a person's religion.  Another comment from a young guy got my attention: 
If this A-hole is ever legally able to marry all those skanks before they legalize gay marriage, I`m moving to Canada.
I sent him a private message saying yeah, no shit, but let's move somewhere warmer than Canada. He replied,

I hate the cold too, but I`d rather freeze my ass off than live in a country that would allow such biased civil liberty nonsense... I can`t wait til these people stuck in the 1800s die off and a new generation of leaders take over.
That last sentence prompted me to recall the conversation I had with my friend about working at home.  It's kind of funny how we're just waiting for all these people to die off so the world will be a better place.  This is nothing new; think of all the people who would throw the N-word around--they've just about died off, right? 

I've said a million times that you can't tell anybody anything.  People basically talk to hear the sound of their own voices and once their minds are made up, there's no changing them.  But I never realized that those minds may actually have to be buried in the ground before there is real social change.

Of course, my friend's boss could just retire.

Any thoughts?  Is working at home a possibility for you?  What types of thinkers are you waiting to die off?


Anonymous said...

I could do my job from home and it would save the city some money, but no they would rather have us miserable in a building where they could keep tabs on us!!!
Even if the mayor died there would be someone worse in the wings!

Anonymous said...

I work at home, sadly the pay is crap. Oh that's right the government doesn't pay WOMEN to stay home and raise their kids to be a productive member of society. Instead they pay for TEENS to get pregnant from some loser in school and then make a reality show telling the rest of the world how cool and easy it is to be a welfare mom.
I won't say I am awaiting for the people in positions of power to die off, as I am just waiting for the technological age to get so advanced that the "old way of thinking" people can no longer run their own lives let alone companies.

Jamie in PA said...

Unless they figure out a way to empty bedpans from home, I have to go in to work. LOL!!