Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A great idea: "30 Days of Happiness"

My daughter, Courtney, has started another round of "30 Days of Happiness" on Facebook.  Each post consists of a short paragraph and a photo that celebrate the simple things in life that bring her joy.  I know all her Facebook friends enjoy this series immensely, and I am so very proud to have a daughter who clearly has her priorities in order.  I wanted to share a few of her posts with you.

Day 1

Happy first day of Spring! Yesterday we were outside sunning our faces and today we wake up to snowflakes falling from the sky. Despite the snow, I decided to make an early morning drive down to the Post Office to get our mail and boy am I glad I did. I received 3 letters from my best friend, Cyndi, who ... lives out in Colorado! I hurried home and read each one at the kitchen table with a big smile. There is nothing like receiving mail from your best friend! It truly is the simplest gestures that mean so much! What a perfect way to start off my week. Here's a photo of my cards from Cyndi with a very cute back drop of Hazel and John playing the banjo. I hope you all had a happy Monday, too!

Day 4

This is where I feel I spend lots of my time. In front of the kitchen sink doing dishes. I really don't mind doing them. I actually find it quite meditative. A window in front of the sink with beautiful green plants growing and crystals sparkling in the sun would be ideal, but unfortunately that does not exist where we live. So I created a little space that brings me joy every time I'm by the sink. A place where I can wash, breathe and think, with comfort and calm.

Day 7

Hazel enjoyed a big baby lunch this afternoon. Her first time eating spaghetti & sauce on her own and she loved every second of it. I just loved watching her plan of attack when I placed it on her tray. First she bobbled her head and was thinking about eating it birdie style. Then she picked it up with her little fingers and stuffed it in her mouth. Daintily, of course, because Hazel is a very dainty baby! I think this photo pretty much proves how much she digs this whole feeding herself thing! 

Isn't this the cutest idea? It's the most simple things that bring us joy, no? I hope you take a moment to celebrate life's pleasures today!

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I Hate to Weight said...

i believe that if i looked at pictures of Hazel every day, i, too, could be happy.

she is the most adorable baby.

this is a great, great idea. i believe i need a Happiness List too.

and off i go. thanks, linda!