Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How do morons do their taxes?

Man, I'm going to be busy as HELL this week, but it's all good.  Except the part about the taxes...

Yeah, it's not like I didn't know April 15 wouldn't be here sooner or later, but doesn't that date just sneak up on you?  Isn't it freaky that April is almost half over?  Anyway, it's my own fault for waiting so goddamn long, and since I'm getting a refund, wouldn't you think I'd be all over filing ASAP? 

Let me tell you what pisses me off about tax season.  It's not that I mind paying taxes; I understand that we have to fund libraries, schools, hospitals, etc., and God knows policemen and firemen and soldiers deserve a salary.  I've been doing my own through Turbo Tax for the past several years, and for the most part they make it easy enough, but sometimes I reach a point where I don't know what the eff I'm doing and that's when the old blood pressure starts to elevate. 

Why does the government have to make it so goddamn complicated ?

I consider myself to be pretty well educated and if I'm sitting there like a moron, how do these friggin' idiots that I see in the grocery store who take the crap out of their cart at the checkout and then because there's only like five or six items, decide they don't need the cart anymore so they walk away and leave it behind as if they've totally forgotten they pushed the goddamn around the store for the past 20 minutes and now since I'm the one whose supposed to do something with it, I decide to give it a little shove just so it clips them in the back of the ankles.

That's not mean, is it?

Anyway, how do they muster the intellect to do their taxes? 

I guess they pay someone to do the job, and that leads me to another question:  Why does the government require us to do something that's so goddamn complicated that even a smart person like moi has to hire a specialist?

It shouldn't be this hard, that's all I'm saying.


I Hate to Weight said...

Well said! i can not figure out my taxes -- of course, i am dumb as a fingernail when it comes to numbers.

it's soooo complicated. tax rich people and leave me alone (kidding. i think.)


Glen in CA said...

The complexity of the tax code otherwise known as the accountant employment act is a wonderful thing.


debadee said...

I can relate to this post. I get constantly harrassed at work by people who are too thick to be able to spell their own surname correctly and demand my advice on changing a lightbulb but you mess up their housing benefit by a penny and they know all about it!

Mimi said...

You deserve to not have to do your taxes in return for this hilarity.
If I was closer, I'd do them for you, I swear I would! I love doing tax returns (weird or what?). And I hardly ever use a trolley in the supermarket, a basket does me just fine, cos hubby does, as he calls it, the heavy stuff!

J said...

Holy crap. We paid a PROFESSIONAL and he still miffed it all up. I had to go back in there today and correct his mistakes with a form 1040x=**&*%^&*54 or whatever the hell it is. That shite ate up my busy work day.

Anyway, good work as always Linda Lou. Hope to hang one day.


K A B L O O E Y said...

I ALWAYS file an extension form. Used to get 2 extensions, when they allowed it. And I barely make any $$.

Debbie said...

don't even get me started. i was unemployed for two years. didn't have taxes taken out of unemployment because i needed every cent.
a. income is taxed.
b. unemployment is then taxed (from $$$ that have already been taxed)
c. i am getting a grand total of $60 back from the state and I owe the Fed BIG bucks.
you have to be a turd like The Donald in order to catch a break. they get you coming or going. i hate the irs.


elbee309 said...

Did mine today and am getting a whole $16 back. Don't you just love it.