Saturday, April 30, 2011

No shortage of material

 I LOVE to meet people who follow my blog and last night I had the pleasure of getting together with Mandy from Surprise, Arizona, and her husband, Jeff, at the Palms.  You know those annoying couples who are so freakin' perfect together they actually look like each other?  That's these two, except they're not annoying--they're adorable.

My only complaint about my iPhone is that it doesn't take great pictures in dim lighting, but you can still tell how cute she is.  Oh, how I love to make new friends! 

I was happy to see the Palms doing so well--it was quite busy.  I think the Strip is actually doing okay these days, but what the hell do I know--I'm hardly ever there.  Anyway, after a couple of beers Mandy and Jeff left for Red Rock, and I made the mistake of heading for the food court.  Really, Linda?  Did you really need garlic knots? 

I was going to stop in at Alexis Park to catch my buddy Joe Lowers' show, but I was stinking--I mean reeking of garlic, so I went home.   Mike was like, "At least we don't have to worry about vampires tonight."  I still reek!  Like if you said you could smell me through your monitor, I'd totally believe it.

Speaking of that amazing boyfriend of mine, look how he kept himself busy while I was in Albany.

I found this notebook on his nightstand full of calculations; that's what he does for fun.  I think he said he's working on some trigonometry problems (without a calculator?), but I told Mr. Beautiful Mind that if he was really smart, he'd know that the only thing you need math for is to figure out discounts at Kohl's and tips for waitresses.  Yeah, believe it or not, I've lived a good 53 years and have never, ever wished I'd paid attention when they were explaining sines, cosines, and tangents.

But I worship the ground he walks on. 

Related--you may have seen my Facebook post the other night: 
"Just told Mom that my boyfriend color-coordinates the hangers in our closet and she said, "Maybe he has that AC/DC."
I couldn't make this stuff up.  Between Mike and my mother, there's no shortage of material...

Speaking of material, be sure to come back for Tuesday's post--I'm heading to Laughlin today for the annual River Run bike fest.  It'll be my fourth year in a row and it's always a good time.  Here's an article I wrote for Living-Las-Vegas about my first year, if you have some time to kill. 

Have a great weekend!


Debbie said...

OK .... AC/DC!!!!! i laughed out loud for five minutes. So reminds me of my mom! She said things like that all the time. instead of saying someone had Alzheimers she say 'you know ... so and so has 'old timers' ..." Great post Linda!


I Hate to Weight said...

i eat a lot of pickles -- i feel sorry for the man who kisses me

i barely use addition and subtraction. math and science were lost on me.

i love your relationship with Mike. and it's just so great that you can do your own thing AND have great time together. so healthy!

Mandy B said...


We had so much fun hanging out with you Friday night :) You are just like I knew you would be: smart, witty & pretty!! Red Rock turned out to be a good time. We never made it to Rich Vos!! Oh well. Were you in biker/bikini contest heaven Saturday?


PS...we WILL be back 1st weekend of June :)