Saturday, April 16, 2011

Speech went great, I'm back in Albany... all is well!

My speech Thursday night at the kick-off of the Las Vegas Writers Conference went well—thank you all for your kind words of support! Of course, I wasn’t totally happy with myself—I think I was a little stiff—but a lot of people came up to me afterward and said it was awesome, so I guess I should believe them. Mike always gives me an honest assessment, and he said it was… I forget what adjective he used, but he didn’t find anything wrong.

Whew! Though I’ve taught several conference sessions over the years, this was the first time I addressed the entire gathering. And because this event was open to the public, there were a lot of other people there besides those attending the conference. I think there was maybe a hundred, but Mike thought there were more and God knows he’s a hell of a lot smarter than I am.

Anyway, that’s behind me and once I get my friggin’ taxes done I’ll really be able to breathe easier. Oh, my speech was taped and Stephens Press will be putting it on YouTube soon, so I’ll let you know. Fingers crossed that I look halfway decent. I wore a cute dress, but you know how the camera adds 30 pounds, plus wouldn’t you know I had a shittier-than-thou hair day yesterday. It’s always flat as hell, but yesterday I swear it looked painted on.

You know how it is when you’re trying to grow your hair out (I like to joke to people that I’m growing it for Locks for Love-hahaha!) (I imagine cancer patients going, “Um, no thanks.”) Anyway, you know how one day your hair looks okay and then the next day it’s totally gone to shit? That was my head on Thursday.

God, I’m a nut.

Speaking of, my trip to Albany yesterday was a major pain in the ass. I knew I’d be connecting in Denver, but what Southwest sometimes doesn’t tell you is that they’re going to make a quick stop somewhere else first, so we went to Denver by way of Amarillo. The good news is, I sat next to a nice cowboy from Amarillo who told me to be careful on my layover because last week a woman got raped in the Denver airport. The bad news is, obviously he didn’t really care about me or he would have told me was that the Denver airport was full of BIRDS! Hello… rapists aren’t going to randomly fly into your head. I hate it when birds are in the airport—it’s not like at Costco where you can just run out and abandon your cart full of groceries.

But all is well—I’m in Albany now, am doing comedy tonight, and tomorrow is baby Hazel’s birthday. Hope you’re having a great weekend, too!


elbee309 said...

When I was looking for you in Vegas, I was expecting this woman with the God-awful hair and, lo and behold, here came this attractive gal with a beautiful smile and great hair. Just check out the picture on my Facebook page.

Mimi said...

I was just thinking "it probably wasn't as bad as she thinks (the hair), and comment above proves it!
Anyway, glad all went well, I'd say it was a blast.
It's good to have someone who'll give an honest assessment, like Mike does!

Anonymous said...

Happy first birthday to Hazel!

I'm glad your show went well. :-)

Have a super week!