Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Some eye candy for the men today

Usually my posts are a yenta fest, but today I'll make it all up to you, guys.  You're in for a treat.

On Saturday I made my annual trip down to Laughlin for the River Run--what a blast!  The town was buzzing, with events at every hotel along the Colorado River and music stages and vendor tents everywhere.

I can't claim to be a biker chick--I'm way too Private Benjamin/Princess and the Pea--but as most of you know, my sister Lori rides a Harley and I myself love the biker culture.  Why?  My friend Gail and I talked about this as we strolled along.  Whether you're at an event such as Laughlin or a biker bar like the Connor Hotel in Jerome, you always get the feeling that everyone is welcome.  I never feel intimidated or get the "what the hell are you doing here?" vibe.  No one's judging what you're wearing or how fat you are or how old you are...  these are accepting people from all walks of life who are just out for a good time.  And the classic rock biker music can't be beat!

This year was particularly fun because I had a personal stake in the Miss Laughlin 2011 beauty contest held at the Aquarius Casino Resort. Oh, please... no, I was NOT one of the contestants, but my friend Adrian was, and it was exciting as hell to see her take second place and a $500 cash prize, even beating the chick who had the title for a few years in a row.

After the contest, we met up with Adrian in the parking lot of the Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall, where she was working a beer booth (with a mechanical bull that I've always wanted to test ride, but was too timid.)

Can you believe I have a friend this hot?  At one point Adrian was like, "Linda, let's get a picture of the two of us together" and I was like, "Get the hell away from me.  I look pretty good until I stand next to you!" 

I got to know Adrian through my book. Her mother, my dear friend Lisa Gioia-Acres, passed it on for her to read, and then Adrian contacted me and we've been friends ever since.  The best thing about Adrian is that she's just as beautiful on the inside.  She's intelligent and has a killer sense of humor and is just bursting with spirit.  I think that's why she does so well in these contests--she won Miss Bike Week Las Vegas last fall.  Gail and I both noticed that while most of the other girls flaunted their sexuality on stage, Adrian came across as just a good-time gal who happens to have a killer body.  You could tell she doesn't take herself too seriously.

So having Adrian in the contest this year really added to the fun.  I'll let you know when she'll be doing other events and you can cheer her on, too. 

And guys...  You're welcome!


I Hate to Weight said...

Congratulations, Adrian! i would like to be as beautiful on the inside as she is, inside and out. and if i could have that body....

nice to know that gorgeous people can be nice too.

Unknown said...

awwww Linda! you are SO sweet! I have never had a blog post about me! OMG i feel special! lol. Autographs anyone!? hehehe. Love you!

Lisa Gioia-Acres said...

I wonder where she gets that beauty from? From personal experience, I can attest she is an amazing woman inside and out. She deserves to have a whole book written about her journey - and she is just at the beginning of it!

The Vegas Flea said...

Hey look, it's the guy from the Village People!!

Nice friend by the way. :)

Julie D said...

How gorgeous. No way would I have stood anywhere near her for a photo. LOL

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