Saturday, May 7, 2011

A few minutes of my last stand-up set

Happy Mother's Day--yeah, yeah, yeah.  I'm up in Idaho chillin' with Mom and when I'm travelling, it's hard to put up a proper post.  You understand.

So in lieu of a proper post, here's something that's about as improper as you can get:  this link to a couple of minutes of my last stand-up show in Albany.  The picture isn't great, but the audio is what really matters anyway.   It's entitled "What breast cancer can suck."

This isn't searchable and I've enabled some privacy settings.  I can't even embed it in this post; the only way you can access this clip is from the link.  (You can share it all you want, though.)  I've been debating whether to make it public at all, but I shared it with a few friends and everyone thought it was freakin' hilarious and that I should at least share it with my blog readers. 

If you're a long-time reader, you know what I've said before about breast cancer--it's in that vein.  Click at your own risk--you've been warned!

P.S. Remember, the camera adds 10 pounds.  No, I think it's 20.

P.P.S.  If you can tolerate this, you'll love my book.  I promise.


Anonymous said...

Oh Linda,

You are so funny, I am gonna have to show this clip to Jeff in the morning. He will be all Happy Mother'd Day and I'll be all Suck My Big Black Dick!!!!! I love you and your sense of humor. So Happy Mother's Day to you. I promise I will email you those links to the vegas people we talked about at the Palms and keep June 3-ish open, we'll be back :) ~~ Mandy

Mike Dennis said...

Very funny, LInda. Congrats.

Liz said...

Very funny! I agree and am going to start saying that!!