Thursday, May 12, 2011

There's a first time for everything

Usually I don't take pictures when I'm in public bathroom--I think it's a good policy for everyone to follow--but when I saw this sign I couldn't resist.


You may ask, Linda, where the hell are you hanging out?  Seriously!  I could maybe imagine this sign in a lab or hospital or some other medical facility.  But where did I find this gem?

In a CASINO!!!  No kidding--I snapped that in the Aquarius Casino a couple of weeks ago when I was in Laughlin for the bike rally.  

Somebody enlighten me--I find this startling.  If I had to venture a guess, I'd say it's for diabetics, maybe?  But if there's that many people in the general population injecting themselves with God knows what, I'd say it looks like we Americans are falling apart, no?

I'd love to know the chain of events that led to this.  I picture a 4'2" Mexican cleaning lady complaining to her boss.  These needles in the trash... I prick myself.  And then the boss finally putting in a requisition for a syringe receptacle to Purchasing--Consuelo's bitchin' again, and since she's a legal one, she might call OSHA--and then someone approving the purchase order and a maintenance guy installing it.

I have questions.  Like okay, let's say there's a real need for a syringe disposal... then why aren't we seeing these things all over?  (I'm thinking the bathrooms in Walmart would be a prime location.)  Where are all the rest of the needles going?  Is the Aquarius onto something that the Wynn and Bellagio should get hip to?

What do you make of this?


Mellodee said...

Good grief! I have no idea what would prompt the decision to install such a thing in a public washroom. I do, however, find it incredibly disturbing. What a world we live in!

Sammi said...

It's kind of like the time I found a sign that said no washing your feet in the sink...I was like who does that? I think I took a picture of that sign as well. As to the needles I am clueless but it is a bit disturbing.

Annie said...

I have a friend who is diabetic and our family pet, a Lab named Sadie, was diabetic. I know what a pain it is to deal with the insulin and needles. We kept a large soda bottle under the sink to collect and dispose of Sadie's needles. But I have to say my friend (my best, dearest friend please forgive me) isn't very careful about disposal. We once shared a room on the strip and after injecting herself with insulin, she went to bed leaving her needle on the table, which somehow fell onto the chair, which I came VERY close to sticking myself. So, while there's undoubtedly a lot of issues with drug use, yep ... the diabetic situation is huge as well. It is sad, but I'd rather not "sit" on someone's needle. ;)

Sous-Chef said...

Linda we've had them for years in our Indian Casinos and yes even in Walmart and the like. I too was taken aback at first, now they are so common place I don’t even notice them anymore. Sous-Chef

J said...

I see them everywhere!

Liz said...

Linda, I'm a diabetic and this is what I suppose these were put into public restrooms for. But, when I took shots with syringes (I use an insulin pump now), I used to just take them home (recapped) and toss them in my own disposal unit. However, airports make the most sense to me. If I'm traveling and need to take a shot, I'd like to dispose of the syringe and not have to travel all over with it. When I did use the syringes, I wished that more places had that type of disposal unit.