Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Today's rant: Wait staff calling customers "you guys"

So last weekend I was up in Idaho visiting Mom and Stepdaddy. Sunday morning I woke up and, because I’m so freakin’ gay for my iPhone I keep it in bed with me when Mike’s not around and sometimes even when he is, the first thing I do is check Facebook. Because God knows what could have happened overnight while I was sleeping, right?

So anyway, everybody’s all like, “Happy Mother’s Day, blah, blah, blah…” (am I the only one who thinks Facebook is boring as hell whenever there’s a holiday?) and I’m thinking I should post some kind of sentiment on my mother’s profile (yes, she’s on Facebook, too) and then I was like, wait a minute, I could just get out of bed and tell her “Happy Mother’s Day” to her face since she is, in fact, right in the next room.

And that’s just what I did, about a half-hour later. The worst part is, while I was being lazy eff-ing around on my iPhone, Mom and Stepdaddy were out in the living room doing yoga. How bad am I?

Sunday was a rainy day in Boise, so Mom canceled our dinner reservation at a restaurant where you can sit outside on the water. But now where to go? Everyone and their brother’s carting Mom out to dinner that day and everyplace would be packed. Stepdaddy suggested we go to Hooters, which I thought was a brilliant idea, but my mother was all, “We’re not going to goddamn Hooters on Mother’s Day,” so we went to Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse is a chain—the food was excellent and they had a great brown ale on tap—but if I have one complaint, and you know I do... Okay, am I the only one who thinks it’s wrong for wait staff in their teens and 20s or of any age, for that matter, to address customers as “you guys”? I swear, the hostess who sat us said “you guys” no less than four times before we got to our booth, including this little gem:

“How is your guys-es day goin’?”

I just wanted to say, “Look, Ashley/MacKenzie/Madison/Tiffany or whatever your trendy name is, when you’re seating a white-haired couple and their extremely youthful looking daughter/stepdaughter, don’t freakin’ address them as “you guys.” I did customer service training for Fleet Bank years ago, and I would fail someone if they did that. Seriously.

OMG, is there no end to my bitching?

Have a great day, you guys!


Mellodee said...

Right there with you! Not many of the waitstaff I encounter are not guilty of this mis-usage. Don't restaurants particularly care whether their staff is courteous, polite, and respectful? I know it isn't the employer's job to teach etiquette, but some of the more egregious missteps can certainly offend and drive away customers.

Julie D said...

OMG, I do the same thing every morning. Eyes open, pick up iPhone, check mail and FB.

Yeah, the you guys thing kills me. I'm like...I'm old enough to be your mother, show some respect! I have actually looked at them quizzically and said "You guys???" to which they immediately turn red and start stammering all over themselves.

I Hate to Weight said...

for some reason, i don't mind "you guys". it's more likely to make me giggle. i also giggle at over-exuberance, particularly in chain restaurants.

Anonymous said...

You should've went to Hooters, they were giving all moms 10 free wings on Mother's Day!!

The Vegas Flea said...

100% agree. I could write a book on restaurant rants. Maybe I should.

J said...

That's such a northern thing to say. I had to break myself of that habit when I moved to Texas (now Florida) because I was getting crazy looks every time I said, "How are you guys doing?"

I actually miss hearing that!

Caz Wilson said...

I confess, when I was working the Front Desk I was guilty of "you guys". In fact, one pair of women actually pulled me up on it. The woman I was talking to stopped me and said to her mother/girlfriend/I forget which "are we guys??". I was somewhat mortified, but I still say it!


Mandy said...

That drives me crazy too.

By the way, that is a great photo of you. Actually both of you guys look great!!


Mike Dennis said...

Agreed, Linda. Undue familiarity by waitstaff is aggravating.

Mimi said...

It might be bitchin, but it sure makes me laugh!
Which is more than I can say for the shop assistant in the local deli this evening, where I nipped in to get a coffee. She smiled, but continued her phone conversation, making arrangements to meet someone for a run after work. I got fed up and walked out, as i was leaving she hung up, but I sadi "forget it, if your convo is more important than you customer".
There, you're not the only one bitching!