Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy, insane, cuckoo... but having a great time

Can you believe I missed Tuesday's post?  I was sitting in the office, totally thinking it was Monday... Yikes, I'm losing it.  I've been crazy busy since the end of July when my sister Lori came for a visit.  The week after she left we started moving--which was a production and a half--and before we got the last picture hung, Connor came to visit and now here I am in Albany until next Monday.  Tonight I'm doing a set at the open mic at Savannah's, which will be fun.

So it's all good. I'm not complaining; I just need some downtime.  It's the natural ebb and flow of the universe.  I'm just ready for a little ebb time.

Anyway, I'm having great fun here in Albany.  Of course, I haven't seen the freakin' sun since I've been here.  Last April it rained for 12 straight days while I was here and then the sun came out as I was boarding the plane.  Lovely. 

But who cares about the stinkin' weather?  Lori had a family gathering at her house on Sunday and I was so, so happy to see everyone.  How about this beautiful baby?  Hazel is getting so big!

She has the face of an angel, if I do say so myself.  And that hair!  Orange ringlets and bright blue eyes--what a combo. And she's still the most. serious. baby. ever.

Here's my beautiful Courtney.  She and her three friends are doing their 50-mile walk for MS this weekend, and she asked me to say thanks again to those of you who contributed to the cause.  And I'll say thank you again, too.

Court's been training for the walk, and man, she looks fantastic.  She was slender to begin with, but all that walking is sure paying off.  I can't wait to get back to "reality" and get in the walking groove again.  Mike and I were doing so well, and then it all hits the fan...

On Monday a bunch of us went up to the track at Saratoga.

With the rain, a few of the longshots came in, but no big winners in this bunch.  (Well, we're winners, just not when it comes to horse racing.)

Mom  couldn't get over how tall Connor is getting.  He's towering over her!  (Lori's bending over a little, but he'll be catching up to her soon.)

So I've been having a great time, but busy, busy, busy.  Plus, I'm going into the office while I'm here.  I've been so spoiled by being able to work at home, but it's nice to see my work buds.  This gig is up for me at the end of the month, so that's one more thing I've been doing--conducting a job search.  I've already had a couple of good bites on some resumes I've sent out, and despite the lousy economy--and the even more dismal Las Vegas economy--I have a feeling I'll land something fairly soon.  Anybody want to hire a kick-ass corporate trainer/technical writer?  Oh, forget it... you guys know me too well.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and for continuing to read my crap.  I'll be back to my regular self, well, probably never.


I Hate to Weight said...

such a beautiful family. Yes, Hazel is gloriously gorgeous.

enjoy, enjoy.

ahhh, and then ebb time (which i find so yummy, indeed.)

Mellodee said...

Hazel is sooooo cute! And you're right, serious is the word!! I bet that when she smiles she lights up the room!

Jamie said...

That baby is beautiful!

Happy Friday. :)

raydenzel1 said...

A very nice family picture. My, you all look related!

Julie D said...

That Hazel is so gorgeous. Her serious little face makes me laugh out loud every time I see her. Do you ever get her to smile?

See you in 13 days. Woohoo!