Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still counting the days till I get back to Vegas

I'm in Daytona Beach for a couple of days now.  My impression is, it's kind of a dump.  Definitely seen better days.  Maybe I'm not hanging in the right parts, but I seem to be in the area where all the resorts are and I get the feeling this is as good as it gets.

On the plus side, the weather since I've been in Florida has been beautiful and the resort in Orlando I stayed in was really high end (even though there was no WiFi).  It was nice to sleep with the windows open and leave the doors leading to the screened balcony open all night.

Here's what I woke up to this morning in Daytona.

It doesn't look quite as good in person.  (Oh, how can I be such a picky little bitch?) 

Have you ever traveled to a place everyone raved about and wondered what they saw that you didn't?  Tell me about it!


Anonymous said...

My guess is that people who travel to Daytona only go for the races.

Anonymous said...

That was my exact impression of Daytona too. It better days are long gone replaced with what must be the center of the universe for spring break. It just has this feeling of putting up a good enough front to continue to attract that young partying group but not nearly good enough to make someone like me ever return. Eh know what, maybe I am just a picky bitch too?

raydenzel1 said...

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