Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can't get my act together

I have a post that's about 80 percent done, but I don't like it and am just not ready to publish it.  I really try to stay on this posting schedule as much as I possibly can, but I'd rather go off schedule than put up a piece of crap. I need to go to bed and take a look at it in the light of day.

Be back soon!


Taradharma said...

good for you. I haven't been posting much lately -- nothing to say really, and so I don't. Some day something will strike me as post worthy and by gawd I'll do it! Until then, I'm not sweatin' the small stuff. Neither should you.


Mimi said...

No problem Linda! Chill!

Debbie said...

My posts come in a flurry ... a whole bunch at a time or none at all. But I feel you ... I don't post until they feel RIGHT. And even then, when I read them back I always think of something I could have said better.

Love you/Miss you ...