Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Flying back to Vegas today

My trip down to PA was a lot of fun. Beautiful Aunt Joyce looks fantastic--the best I've seen her since this cancer bullshit came her way--and my sister Lori and I had a blast at the Little Feat concert. Everyone there looked like people I might have gone to college with back in the 70's at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. I remembered how much I love "cold weather" people--they're so down to earth. All the guys in their flannel shirts and bushy beards made me a bit nostalgic.

The show itself wasn't that great though--surprisingly. It took forever for them to really kick in, and whenever they came close, they would retreat. For example, just when they finally got into "Dixie Chicken," what do they do but go into a bass solo. You lost us, guys! Lori and I concluded it was the concert equivalent of bad sex; they'd tease us a bit and then do whatever made them feel good. (And we paid for this!) I mean really, does anyone, other than the bass player, ever enjoy a bass solo? (That goes double for drum solos.) Too often during the show we thought, "This would be a good time to hit the bathroom." That's not the sign of a good concert! A good concert keeps you on your feet dancing front and center until you're ready to pee your pants or risk a bladder infection.

Penn's Peak, however, is one of the best venues I've ever been in. It kind of reminds me of a House of Blues, but double the size. If I lived around there (in the middle of freakin' nowhere), I'd be at that place all the time, even if the band held only minor appeal. The Pretenders and Loretta Lynn will be there soon--I wish I'd be in town to see them.

Lori and I hit the road around noon on Sunday because I had a set to do at the Lark Tavern Sunday night. It was a long ride back to Albany since we were both hungover as hell (after the show we checked out a biker bar and made a bunch of new friends). We stopped for lunch at this delicious greasy pizza place across from the Poconos Caesar's Palace. At one point, Lori made me laugh and I spit pizza sauce all over her, which made us both crack up to the point where everyone in the place was looking at us as Lori wiped up the table.

I have lots more to say; this has been a great visit. I fly back to Las Vegas late this afternoon, and since I have a layover in Chicago, I probably won't get home until after midnight. If I'm lucky. Not looking forward to my alarm assaulting me at 5:26 tomorrow morning, but tomorrow should be a "throwaway" day at work and I have fun plans for New Year's Eve with my friend Lisa, and the present moment is just perfect.


Julie D said...

Have a safe trip!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I myself like a nice bass solo, but in a live rock show, not so much (an old fashioned string bass in a lounge, okay). "Get on the Good Foot" by James Brown has a 1 note bass solo.

Thanks again for that input on that thing, and HNY.

Chris A.

Julie D said...

Happy New Year, Linda!!!!

CarmenSinCity said...

Well, I was going to tell you that we'll be at Prive' tonight at Planet Hollywood and you could join us, but since you are getting home late tonight I'll just settle for lunch like we planned in the new year. Have a GREAT and SAFE new year and I will be meeting you really soon - yay!

travel girl said...

Sounds like a fabulous time. I wish I had more girlfriends that I could have that kind of fun with.

Happy New Year!

linda said...

Happy New Year to you. I agree with Travel Girl. That sounds great. Why don't I have friends like that. Boo hoo. I shall have to live that part of my life through blogs.