Saturday, December 27, 2008

Survived the holidays!

Just a short post today. I'm still in Albany, NY, and will be here until next Tuesday afternoon. Christmas was fun. This may sound disgusting to some of you, but my idea of a perfect day off is one where I don't have to shower. It's true. Christmas was just one of those days where one thing led to another and before I knew it, I was on my third beer (thanks to my wonderful brother-in-law, Russ) and the day was more than half over and by then what would be the point of showering? (Of course, I did put on some lipstick; I'm not totally gross!)

It's great to see everyone, and the weather is very mild, thank God. I think my whole family prays for a heat wave when I come to town so they don't have to listen to me bitch the whole time about being so cold and how can you people stand to live in this godforsaken place? I'll post pictures when I get back. Not of me, though. No shower = not pretty.

Today my sister Lori and I are heading to Jim Thorpe, PA, (about a four-hour drive) to see our aunt Joyce, our father's sister. We have two aunts named Joyce; this one is Beautiful Aunt Joyce (BAJ) the pastor (!) and my mother's sister is the famous quirky lesbian Aunt Joyce, who is equally as beautiful. BAJ lives near this cool little restaurant/concert venue, Penn's Peak, and tonight Lori and I are going to see Little Feat there. How lucky we are!

This will be a fun road trip--Lori's always a blast. It will be a short trip--we're coming back tomorrow, since tomorrow night I'm doing a set at the Lark Tavern. I'll probably see a bunch of my old friends, some of whom have never seen me perform.

Busy, busy...


Lilly said...

Oh gosh, I didnt even make it out of my pyjamas until at least 3pm on Chrismtas Day and that was only because someone knocked on the door. Sounds like you are having great fun and as for Littel Feat, what can I say, I am jealous....looking forward to your pics when you return.

I checked out your Aging Nymphs radio show - how clever you both are - witty and entertaining and I love the idea of women kicking ass and achieving great things!!!

Bar L. said...

Sounds like you're having a good time. And you get to see Little Feat!!!!!

Julie D said...

Hey, it's actually warmer on the east coast than it is in Vegas right now, so enjoy!!!

KriMonster said...

Shower holidays are the best! Glad you're enjoying your time in Albany.