Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Craig's List ad I couldn't wait to share

Another post, Linda? You don't post on Sundays!

I know, but my blues-playin', harmonica wailin' BFF Rockin' Billy sent me this Craig's List ad and I couldn't wait to post it. Any musicians out there will particularly get a kick out of this.

Tired of your old lady complaining about your drumming?? - $5 (Las Vegas)
Well, you'll welcome her screams of disgust once you hear these piece-o-shit high hats being played! I have the shittiest sounding pair of high hats ever made. I think the fuckers stealing the recycling bin contents I set out melted some old beer cans down and made this pair of crap. If you play these, you will pray that your wife's (or husband's) vocal complaints will drown out the "wounded duck" schrills that these tin circles put out. Yes I do have them, yes they are for sale, but hopefully you'll use them as a prop to dress up a girl in some bullshit wannabe abstract "Lady GaGa" costume for Halloween. If your looking for an upgrade to these high hats, then search "fingernails on a chalkboard". These fuckers make my dogs put on cans to kill the sound. I will gladly take in trade an unopened 40 oz of one of the following; Old E, Mickeys, St. Ides, Crazy Horse (if you can find it)... 64 ouncers get first reply. If you actually contemplate using these high hats in any facet of music composition, I'm not gonna mind. I'll just laugh at your crap-ass high hat sound while I drink the 40oz you traded me for. Now if you have a kid that could marginally be interested in drumming, has a set, minus the high hats, then this is for you (added plus if your kid is at least deaf to higher register sounds).

Funny, huh? Imagine if he had a profile?


Unknown said...

I give him an A+ for creativity! I pity the person who gets them though.

JeannetteLS said...

Drummers... Ya gotta love drummers!

KriMonster said...

This is the second best craigslist post that I've ever read...right behind all of 'Missed Connections'. Hilarious!

The Vegas Flea said...

As a drummer, all I can say is - YIKES!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!