Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Photos from Albany

So after Saturday's post, my most boring to date, I will now thrill you with... pictures from my daughter's baby shower party.

Holy crap, are you longing for the days when I posted about my mother's gall bladder surgery? Oh, humor me.

Here's the pregnant girl, three weeks before her due date.

My sister Lori and her family came up with some great presents.

You can't tell from the pic below, but Courtney's holding a tube of SPF 100 sunscreen. Court's so pale she makes Nicole Kidman look tan, and John's a redhead, so this baby's going to need that big time!

Remember my post about stuff white people like? If you recall, Bob Marley was #125 on the list.

That was from my niece, Marlee. I don't know who gave them this next shirt, but I have a feeling Baby Rice will be wearing it a lot.

This wasn't a boring girls-only shower; boys were invited, too. Here's my son, Christopher, with his girlfriend. Aren't they adorable?

They took this picture right after they cut my arms off, but I still managed to smile. I'm such a trooper.

Jeez, Connor's catching up with me. It's not like I'm short--I'm just under 5'5". Those are really tall people!

I have a lot to tell you about the great music show Saturday night and the cutest girl who sat next to me on the plane from Vegas to Albany. Next time. Today I'm back to "reality" and my gray cubicle. Weh. But at least I have some great memories to get me through the day!


Julie D said...

Love the pictures. So excited for this new baby to come!!!!!

Good Lord, I forgot how tiny you are. Geesh. Now I remember looking like an Amazon next to you.

Mandy said...

What a beautiful family you have! Your daughter is positively glowing and radiant! I looked like a swollen Oompa Loompa when I was pregnant over two years ago! She looks great!

And if any of your readers or you want to read about something close to gall bladder surgery, they can head on over to my site for my most disgusting post to date - http://www.mandylifeafter30.com/2010/03/conversation-so-disgusting-that-i-cant.html

So you see, we'll even each other out this week Linda! :-P

Vegas Linda Lou said...

No! I'm only tiny when surrounded by those giants. I'm 5"5" (almost)--that's statuesque!

Tara said...

Lol 5'5".... I really didn't notice you were quite THAT short.... I like your amputated arms pic tho! What a cute family!!

Gianetta said...

Love the baby outfits.

Unknown said...

She looks so cute pregnant...tiny too! I love the baby outfits. Baby Rick will be totally cute in them!

You are little!!!

Sorry I didn't make it to one of your shows. I was really wanting to. But, still, when I head out to Vegas, I'll definitely give a holler.

Bar L. said...

I just had a picture of Alex Keaton enter my mind....LOL. I can see baby Rice turning into an Alex Keaton surrounded by all the hippies full of love and bob marley stuff.

I adore your family. Connor is going to have a growth spurt and leave you in the dust in the next year!

Anonymous said...

What a happy looking family! Cant wait to read posts on the new baby in the family. :-)

gayle said...

Great pictures!! Can't wait to see more and especially the new baby!!