Thursday, March 25, 2010

Heading back to Albany for a long weekend

It’s funny how many people emailed me after Tuesday’s post. Generally they wanted to know two things: 1) Has Mike been purged? and 2) Am I still in your rolodex?

No, Mike hasn’t been purged. We are definitely not together at the moment, but that’s happened more than once before. Something always pulls us back together, so who knows. Or maybe we’ve finally reached the end of the line. Stupid boys. I’m taking a break from all of them altogether for a while.

Are you still in my rolodex? Of course.

Later this afternoon I’m jetting off to Albany for a long weekend. My kids’ band, The Blackwell Sinners, has a gig Saturday night in a public radio-affiliated venue called The Linda. They, along with my son-in-law’s band, Red Haired Strangers, and a few others are part of the Roots Festival. There is almost nothing that brings me more joy than watching my kids play together! I believe their father (my first ex, Chris) and Courtney’s husband, John, are backing them up. Can’t wait!

Then Sunday is Courtney’s baby shower. Except it won’t be a boring-ass event where a bunch of women in floral dresses sit around and oooh and aaaah over cute baby stuff. No, this will be a beer-drinkin’ shindig. And boys are invited. (Boys aren’t really stupid—I was just kidding.) And there’s sure to be more great music.

This trip has been planned for a while, and the timing is perfect for me to get away. I can’t wait to get my hands on my precious grandson, Connor--the big brother-to-be. I’m glad I did all that purging; I could eat him up.

Yeah, getting away for a few days is definitely a good idea.

P.S. Thanks to those of you who came out for the "Meet the Authors" blogging panel last night at the Clark County Library. I love to talk to groups of writers, and blogging is near and dear to my heart. It's been a real joy.


10 comments: said...

thanks for the input on blogging last night. Seems a little daunting to an old pencil pusher like me!
Kevin B. Parsons

Tara said...

Have a great trip Linda!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip!!! You deserve it!

Julie D said...

Have a great trip! I wasn't worried about being purged...I know where you live! LOL

Kellee said...

What a great experience to see them all perform together, enjoy!

Mike Dennis said...

Have fun in Albany, Linda. And make sure the Blackwell Sinners learn the Ray Sharpe classic, LINDA LOU.

I Hate to Weight said...

you are such an inspiration. i guess you've heard that a lot.

i got away to california two weeks ago. i had a whole weekend to myself near san francisco. it was magnificent. hope you have a magnificent time on your getaway.

ahh, i must purge a lot of things (real and intangible) in my life. scarey.

Donna B. said...

Save travels my friend...let's try to get together when I come back from Cali...OK?

Bar L. said...

Have an outrageously wonderful time in Albany.

(any venue called "The Linda" has got to be a fun place!

gayle said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip!!