Monday, May 24, 2010

The Texas pan handle and OK City

Last night we made it as far as Russellville, Arkansas, about 80 miles west of Little Rock. As you can see, we demand only the best accommodations.

I swear, we don't drive more than 30 miles before we stop for something--usually a Harley shop, biker bar, casino, or other roadside attraction. As one of our new friends on the road said, we're about as fast as a pack of turtles.

So after our stop at the weigh station, as described in yesterday's post, we rode through the Texas pan handle. Somebody told me it would be a boring as hell ride, but I must say, Au contraire, mon frere. I'm glad we didn't drive through at night; there was so much to see, so many stops to make.

We had to take our picture at the midway point between Chicago and Los Angeles on Route 66.

And don't think we would pass by Cadillac Ranch, just east of Amarillo.

Who could blow through Amarillo and not stop at this classy joint?

We kind of landed there by accident, but ended up having the greatest time with our new friend, Bob.

He was really nice, except for when he accidentally singed my leg with his cigarette. "I'm gonna kick your ass!" I shrieked.

He just shook his head and calmly said, "That's something I don't need this time of day."

We arrived there mid-afternoon and could have stayed all night, but we had to get back on the road. But then we had to stop at the largest cross in the northern hemisphere...

...conveniently located near this dining spot.

Evidently Jesus lives in New Mexico and drives a Hyundai--who knew?

We had such a blast in Texas! I liked bragging to people that I was born in El Paso. You can't tell by the way I tawk, though. My father was in the army at the time; we're really multi-generation Yankees. Duh.

From there we went on to Oklahoma City, where we had a blast at a roadhouse near our motel. The band was fun...

... and we met this swell guy, Don.

Yesterday before leaving town we checked out the Oklahoma City Memorial and Museum. This was a beautiful place, and so well done. It's just incomprehensible that such a thing could happen, in America's heartland of all places. Very, very sad.

Don't think we don't know just how lucky we are. Live each day to the fullest. Enjoy every minute!

Today we're heading to Little Rock, and we should even make it as far as Memphis. But who knows...


KriMonster said...

Give Elvis a big KISS for me!!

Anonymous said...

stop by Tunica...casinos in them thar hills!!

Anonymous said...

Lovin the adventures!