Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Setting up a new Vegas system

Now that I'm back in Las Vegas, you're probably expecting a swinging Sin City report of my wild and crazy antics on the town. Um, yesterday I went to Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lowe's and spent the rest of the day supervising Mike as he cleaned out a closet. The day before we hit Costco and another Target.

Totally off topic, but am I the only one who thinks the dollar-fifty hot dog and soda special at Costco is freakin' delicious?

Anyway, we're setting up a new system here and any time you build a new structure, there's a certain amount of work that goes with it. It's been fun, though. Just not the beer drinkin' and going out to see a band kind of fun.

I'm here until the 18th and will be trying out the whole working virtually thing. I think that should go well. Here's the view from my new "office." Love that Vegas blue sky!

Other than that, there's not much to report. I'm embracing the unknown and am certain things will work out exactly as they're supposed to.

Hey, check out this new pic of Hazel that I lifted off Courtney's Facebook.

How cute is she?


I Hate to Weight said...

hazel is gorgeously cute. what a dear. wonderful, wonderful.

i love costco. enjoy snacking my way through (i buy things too! sometimes even things i've snacked on.)

the hot dog/beverage combo is the very best. i love that they have diet lemonade -- same as at Wendy's. it's my favorite, favorite drink (errrr, next to the red wine i'm avoiding.)

good luck with everything. yes, some things are certainly unknown. and they will reveal themselves. and i do find that things work out.

KriMonster said...

Sounds like you found a new wiener hang-out!! I'm all over that!

Caz Wilson said...

I hope things turn out the way you want them too Linda! You're amazing that anything you put your mind to works out!


C.Thurlow said...

Welcome back!