Saturday, February 26, 2011

What a fun week this has been!

My grandson, Connor, has been here all week so you know I'm thrilled out of my mind.  He flew in on Monday--by himself--and will be here until the 28th.  I cherish every second with him, but I know you don't come here to read about a freakin' granny gushing over her grandkid so I'll make this as interesting as possible.

I know a lot of you either live in Vegas or come here to visit, and if you don't make it a point to explore the Valley of Fire State Park, you're really missing out on something spectacular.  It's only about 45 minutes north of Vegas if you go straight up I-15, but that highway is ugly as hell, so do yourself a favor and take the scenic road along Lake Mead.  Or you can do a loop and take the scenic road up and the 15 back. 

Connor and I took a drive up there on Thursday, and what a gorgeous day it was.

Connor on the rocks...

Picture perfect!

So we drive through all this beautiful scenery and Connor's like, "Yeah, whatever" until he nearly jumps out of his seat and goes, "Granny, look!  A red Camaro!"  Sigh... 

Speaking of cars, doesn't my car look like it's starring in a Scion commercial?  Still loving it! That is one cute little vehicle, if I do say so myself.  Who needs a freakin' Camaro?

On the way home, we stopped in at the Stratosphere.  Here's the boy on top of the world.

Everyone should go to the top of the Stratosphere, but unless you're there with kids, tell them you're headed to the lounge on the 107th floor and you can bypass the admission fee.  There's also a bar on the 108th observation floor, but it's not nearly as nice and you'll still have to pay the fee. 

While we were up there, we talked to a guy waiting to do a hundred-dollar bungee drop.  Here he goes...

Do they make adult diapers thick enough?

Actually, that doesn't seem too scary to me, probably because I'm not afraid of heights.  However, if I fell into a bird on the way down, I would totally shit myself.

Connor's my bud and loves hanging out with me, but the sad truth is my boyfriend, Mike, is his new BFF.  Mike's turned him on to the joy of making fun of Linda and the two of them gang up on me mercilessly.  Connor adores Mike, no doubt because mentally they're on the same wavelength, and everything Mike says is absolutely hysterical.  I mean witty beyond belief, even the crap that makes me roll my eyes back to my cerebellum.  So now Mike is totally full of himself and thinks it's only a matter of time till we're the comedy version of A Star Is Born

He was pretty funny the other day, though.
Me (getting ready to bitch about something):  "I know I'm a nag..."
Mike:  "Yup."
Me:  "WHAT? I'm a nag?"
Mike:  "Oh, no.  I thought you said, 'hag.'"
 Boys.  I love them.


elbee309 said...

I love "Granny" stories. Could ir be because I have so many myself.

Mimi said...

He he!! Hag/Nag!
Those photos of your outing are fabulous, and if I ever get to Vegas, I will do that run.
What is it with males and cars?
They miss stunning scenery and then see a car, don't understand them at all. said...

Now that's what I call fun! You can have the bungee jumping. I don't have the guts, nor will I ever have the guts. I'd rather film it in action.

Funny how the guys just bonded instantly. At least he adores Mike.

gayle said...

We missed this area when we were in the area! Beautiful pictures!

So glad your grandson is bonding with Mike! It really makes difatference.