Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Who DOESN'T have a busy life, huh?

I felt bad about not getting around to posting on Saturday.  Ever since I started this blog in July 2008, I've been really good about maintaining a regular Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday posting schedule.  Ultimately, I think it's better to live life and not have time to write about it--that's what our pal Hurricane Mikey's doing--but I do enjoy blogging and try to make time no matter what.

My brother, Steven, and brother-in-law Russ leave today.  Oh, how I love having them here!  I didn't get to tell you that after they got in last Thursday night, we went to the Ovation Lounge in Green Valley Ranch to see "Brody's World," the solo project of Brody Dolyniuk, the front man of the greatest classic rock tribute band, Yellow Brick Road.  Brody does literally dozens of musical impressions, mostly in the classic rock vein, in the course of an hour and a half and the show is truly amazing.  I believe right now he's performing it only on the first Thursday of the month, and in the Ovation Lounge.  I cannot recommend it enough.  If you're in town and can possibly catch this show, I guarantee you'll love it.  Talk about America's Got Talent... I told Steven that someday we'll be saying, "Remember when we saw Brody in Green Valley Ranch for free?"

Take a look at this video and tell me you're not freakin' blown away.

Then Friday night the boys came to see me do a comedy set at Tommy Rocker's.  It went really well, and I'm happy to say I'm making great progress in ridding myself of stage fright.  I knew all along that the key would be to keep forcing myself to get on stage as often as possible, but that's easier said than done.  I do feel I've turned the corner, though, and look forward to performing this Thursday night at Choices Pub and Showroom at 6720 West Cheyenne.  I'll also be back at Tommy Rocker's on April 8, and will no doubt do some open mics in between.  I promise one of these days I'll put a bit of my set on You Tube--I really should.

What else?  I attended a cocktail reception for memoir writers on Saturday and on Sunday I went hiking with Mike and the kids  out near Red Rock.  Look at how beautiful it was--can you believe this scenery is like 20 minutes from the Strip?  Man, Vegas is a nice place to live!  How lucky we are.

So much to do.  Between my job, my freelance work, my comedy, my endless freakin' book promotion... on top of having all kinds of fun living in Las Vegas and not to mention being in a relationship with a guy with two little kids and a teenager... it's no wonder I'm insane.  But aren't we all?

Damn, I just realized today is Mardi Gras.  I should have put up a post about New Orleans.  See?  Too busy to think properly.

Hope you're keeping it together!

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Julie D said...

Best. Band. Ever. I'm totally taking Jordan and Michael to see them when we're out there in December (if they're playing somewhere)

I wanna come to Linda Land again. :)