Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A birthday party for a 1-year-old is still probably more interesting than whatever you should be doing at work right now

I am so sorry--especially to you guys--but as you might have expected, today's post is all about Hazel's birthday.   But it's not like you didn't know I'm a freakin' granny.  (I can see how you'd forget because I'm so incredibly sexy and all.)

First let me tell you I did a fantastic set at Duke's on Saturday night, if I do say so myself.  A bunch of my Albany friends showed up--I think there were 16 of them--and the room at Duke's is a real good one, so we had all the ingredients of a perfect night.  My sister Lori took a video and hopefully I'll have that up on YouTube soon.  That's two YouTube promises (the other's for Thursday night's speech).  Oh, how will you ever be able to sleep until then?

Now for the birthday girl... ta-da!  Here she is in her new hat.

Did you notice the white eyelashes?

She's a precious baby and I'm not just saying that.

So it was a typical 1-year-old's birthday party, complete with carrot cake (I counted that as my vegetable for the day) and coffee ice cream (?)  And some high-quality adult beverages. 

Here's Courtney hamming it up.  You can tell my Sonic Youth shirt is in heavy rotation these days. 

How's this for a festive room?  Courtney and one of her girlfriends made all the decorations.  So creative.

Except for Christopher, the boys were in the other room or outside with and all the kids.  That's my youngest sister, Stacie, sitting in the middle.  She and her kids came up from Virginia.

So after Thursday night's super-important speech, my big travel day on Friday, a comedy set on Saturday, Hazel's birthday on Sunday... yesterday I got up and went to the office like a completely normal person.  First day I haven't worked in my robe since January.  It sure was great to see all my work buds.

Oh, and those pesky taxes... I filed for an extension so I'll worry about them in October.  Psyche!  I won't put them off that long--I'm getting money back.  But I'm going to pay someone to do them right for me--I think I'll get a lot more back that way.

Did you say psyche! when you were a kid?  It's a funny thing to say, huh?  I have a couple of meetings scheduled for tomorrow; I'll have to see if I can somehow weave in a psyche! or two in a somewhat serious moment just to see everyone's reaction.  "Sorry, I won't have that document done until August...  Psyche!" 

See, this is why my work friends miss me when I'm in Vegas.


I Hate to Weight said...

i first read this yesterday, when i was feeling a little gloomy at work. i then walked around mouthing "psyche" and felt much better. thank you!

so glad the show went splendidly. look forward to Youtube, indeed!

Hazel is ADORABLE and beautiful and i'm sure she's a genius. i don't have kids, but i always thought it would be great to be a grandmother. an excellent gig.


Gianetta said...

Hair looks good and full!

Mandy said...

Hi Linda,

1st of all, Hazel is too cute!! Lets hear all about her!

2nd of all, you look so cute in that shot of you and Courtney. She looks just like you :) (Except her eyes are closed... don't tell us that you had a shot of you 2 with her eyes open, only you didn't look as good?!!! Just kidding..I know you both are beautiful!!)

3rd of all, we are gonna be in Vegas the 1st 2 weekends of May and June. By any chance are you performing? I want to come see you/meet you!!


Debbie said...

Can I just say your graddaughter is ADORABLE! Poker face and all, she's darling!