Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's taken me longer to think of a title for this post than to write it

I had a nice birthday yesterday.  In the morning I met with the recruiter who's working on my dream job (that went really well) and then I got in some pool time before it started to rain.

Rain?  In Vegas?  On my birthday???  Grrrrr.  Then I went out to lunch with Mike, and in the evening had some quiet time at home.  Love it.

Jeez, I really gotta learn Photoshop.  Or maybe get a soft-focus Barbara Walters lens on my iPhone camera.  Bright sunlight, why are you so cruel?  No wonder why people say I'm better looking in person.  (I swear to God, I really am.)

Anyway, I spent some time on Facebook yesterday, trying to acknowledge all the birthday wishes.  Thank you, everyone!  Along the way, I came across a couple of funny photos that friends had posted.  I have to share:

"I say three Hail Marys whenever I drive by it..." is what my friend said about that. 

Yep, there's actually a Clown Motel in Tonapah, Nevada.  Imagine the nightmares you'd have in that place, huh? 

Then another friend posted this one, with the caption, "Picture speaks 1,000 words."

Oh, man.  That cracked me up!

Anyway, after a nice day of R&R, it's back to reality today.  As you know, I've been busy as hell since early August, and now I finally have some time to catch up on things.  And to exercise.  Yeah, I remember that...

Have a great day!


Josie said...


Thanks so much for adding me to your blogging buddies list.


norm said...

Like you I just had my B-day on Monday the 3rd!!! Only I am at mid-life...(62)man where did those years go? I have read your blog for along time and just now have a good reason to comment. Stay young like me!
PS I enjoy your humor.

JeannetteLS said...

Well, if you are better looking in person, you must be REALLY good-looking. Bright sun by a pool--the worst light of all time, but with your eyes, really. I mean, come on. I would not worry if I were you. Hell, I DO know PhotoShop and I cannot make most pictures passable.

I was away from here a long, long time. But now it is so much fun catching up on people's blogs. Your life is as far from boring as I can imagine. You do know you inspire people, don't you?

Happy birthday late.

Julie D said...

So much cuter in person. And taller. Of course that's thanks to some 5" heels. But still...

Oh and people, she's got some hot legs on her still. I'm just sayin, I caught my honey lookin at 'em a time or two. ;)

Tender Heart Bear said...

I am really happy that you had a great birthday besides the rain.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Norm! Happy Birthday and glad you're a lurker no more! Looking forward to future comments.

Thanks to the rest of you for your kind words.

Mike Dennis said...

So sorry I missed your birthday, Linda. I've been so forgetful lately. It all started when I was around 54.

Anyway, I hope you had a good one, and have a great year ahead.

Mandy B said...

Happy belated birthday Linda-Lou!

That screen shot of the news is too funny! We were in New Orleans last week and saw 2 funny signs. One was outside of a strip club 'Scuttlebutts...gentlemen's club' - thought it was a funny name. And the other was advertising 'LSU School of Dentistry' Jeff turned to me and said "Its about time!" I don't know, maybe you had to meet our shuttle driver that morning to get it!

Anyway, happy b-day. I'm glad things are going so well for you :)