Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fun times this weekend

Thanks for all the bloggy love this week, which also had a corresponding spike in Kindle sales--sweeeet!  Man, I'm a lucky gal.  But as I said in response to beloved blogger Taradharma:
"Of course, there are also people out there who can't stand my friggin' guts. They're loyal readers, too--checking in everyday just to make sure they still hate me.  But you know--fuck them, right?"
So far I've responded to every comment, which is something I've been terribly  remiss in and will put forth more effort in the future.  I'm so thankful that people stop here, and if they take the time to leave a comment, the least I can do is respond.  However, the toxic sentiments will not be posted.  (I scan the first line of anonymous comments and once I know it's from them, delete without reading.)

Last night I got to meet a new blogging buddy in the flesh--Grrouchie came to see me do a set last night at Choices Pub up in the northwest part of town.  (Time out--that's something I need to do better, too--tell you about my upcoming sets.  I always post them on Facebook, though, so feel free to friend me.)  Anyway, Grrouchie is anything but what his name implies--what a sweet guy.  (I'm not sure if men take "sweet" as a compliment, but I assure you it's a good thing.)

Once a month my girlfriend Gaynelle Peoples does The G Spot Comedy Show on that stage, featuring mostly--and sometimes all--female comics.  It's an anything goes stage, which is typical of the bar comedy venues that I no longer have the patience for, but I always have a good time there.  The crowd is always ready for fun, and it's usually a mostly black crowd; last night I was the only white comic out of the six of us.  One night I was one of two white people in the whole place.

I'm pretty surprised at how well my material goes over with a black crowd, since I have to be one of the whitest people on earth, not in a KKK redneck way of course, but in an OMG, I Dance Like Elaine Bennis way.  I do tailor my material a bit--let's just say you only have to do a John McEnroe joke once to know it's not what black folk are looking for.  But this disgusting bit on What Breast Cancer Can Suck always kills with that crowd.  (Warning:  Do not open with the sound on at work or around young children.)  The video is a bit blurry, but trust me, that's the least of it.  I don't even want to embed it here; it's so not any way for a sweet little granny to talk. 

And you get inspiration from me?  Yikes.

Hey, if you're a Vegas local, I want to make sure you know about Fill A  It's a great way to see shows for FREE over the course of a 12-month membership.  Fees start at $89.95 for a two-person membership ($149.95 for four), but you'll make that up within the first week.  You just look to see what free shows are being offered and pick up your tickets at the box office.  Mike and I took in a comedy show Wednesday night and we're taking the kids to a show tomorrow.   Anything to get them away from the computer games...  It's an awesome deal.

Tonight I've got a girls night out going on--the fabulous Michael Grimm Band is back at the Ovation Lounge in Green Valley Ranch.  If you're looking for something to do, come check it out.  And bring your dancing shoes.  I'll be easy to find--just look on the dance floor for Elaine Bennis.


grrouchie said...

I had a blast last evening and it was Great to meet you.

The show was great and your set was funny as hell.
In fact, most of the comics were pretty damned funny so the whole thing ended up being worth while after waiting 45 minutes for the show to start late heh!

Looking forward to getting out more. Keep up the good work.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Thanks, Grrouchie! Definitely a fun night.

~Coach said...

Yeah, it's hard to see how you'd draw someone's hatred following your blog...

drewzepmeister said...

I am so glad to hear that you had a great time this weekend. You really deserve it too!♥

Taradharma said...

hey, thanks for the plug.

haven't watched the video yet -- not in a private place, but I will. I wanna see what kills a black crowd. Oops. That came out wrong.

Taradharma said...

just watched the breast cancer bit -- freakin' hilarious!! you almost lost 'em when they tried to figure out if you were a klan member or not, but you got 'em back quick! Love the whole idea...start manufacturing those buttons, Linda!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

@ Debbie and Coach: Believe it. It's a husband and wife tag team, now living in New Mexico. You'd want to pray for anybody that miserable.

@ Drew: Many thanks, we all deserve fun in our lives!

@ Tara: That bit was recorded in front of an almost all white audience--you can tell they didn't know how to react. Black people start laughing and clapping right away!